Wikibuy Review 2020: Read This First Before Using

See how Wikibuy stacks up against Rakuten and others.

Wikibuy is among the many digital coupon and low-price-guarantee companies vying for the attention of online shoppers. Acquired in 2018 by Capital One, Wikibuy offers various deals and discounts through its browser extension, card-linking, as well as a shop on its website with featured deals. There are several competitors with similar products that promise to find you the best prices online, so read on to find out if Wikibuy is the provider that best meets your needs.

What Is Wikibuy?

Wikibuy is an Austin startup providing low-price guarantees, digital coupons that automatically apply at checkout and an online store with featured deals. Wikibuy’s downloadable browser extension automatically highlights lower prices across the internet as you shop on For example, you are looking at an Instant Pot while using Wikibuy’s extension; you will be shown, and if you choose, redirected to another website if Wikibuy finds a lower price.

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The browser extension also tests all potential coupon codes during checkout (not just at and offers Wikibuy credits from participating online merchants, combining several services of the company’s competitors into one platform.

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How Much Does Wikibuy Cost?

Wikibuy is completely free to customers, but for mobile price comparison, standard text messaging fees and data rates apply.

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Is Wikibuy Secure?

Wikibuy requires its extension to interact with the data on web pages you visit, not simply view it. It is no different than Google Calendar, Evernote or Amazon in that way. Wikibuy monitors all user purchases and successful coupon usage in order to provide the most accurate information to its entire customer base. The company is backed by Capital One Bank, a secure financial institution, though it’s important to remember that the browser extension is only as secure as your browser. And, as with many other free services, Wikibuy sells the aggregate data to third parties.

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What Features Does Wikibuy Have?

Wikibuy is a multifaceted company, offering a variety of ways for its customers to save during their online shopping experience, including the following:

  • Mobile Price Comparison
  • Wikibuy Universal Product Search
  • Featured Offers
  • Trending Deals
  • Price Drop Alerts/Watchlist
  • Wikibuy Credits
  • Coupon Codes
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Mobile Price Comparison

This feature allows customers to shop on their phones, using texts to communicate with Wikibuy and ensure you pay the lowest price on a specific product. All you have to do is share the product link via text to Wikibuy — it’s suggested that you add the company to your Contacts list. Standard text messaging fees and data rates apply. However, this feature only applies to products, not all online shopping.

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Wikibuy Universal Product Search

When you go to Wikibuy’s website, you’ll find a search bar at the top of the homepage where you can search by product or by store. You’ll find a list of items and the potential savings, coupons or credits possible upon purchase. After you’ve selected the item you want, Wikibuy will run through listings to make sure you get the lowest price and link to the external site so you can make your purchase.

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Featured Offers

Wikibuy also has Featured Offers on its website; a collection of daily deals in a scroll-through slideshow format.

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Trending Deals

Similar to its Featured Offers, Wikibuy’s Trending Deals offer limited-time discounts or cash-back options. Instead of focusing on specific items, these discounts are connected to a collection of featured online merchants.

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Price Drop Alerts/Watchlist

If you find a product that you want but aren’t ready to buy yet, Wikibuy’s Watchlist allows you to save it for later and wait for the lowest price. 

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Wikibuy Credits

There are two main ways to earn Wikibuy Credits:

  • The first is through the browser extension, which will allow you to receive Wikibuy Credits when you make qualifying purchases.
  • The second is via Wikibuy Local Offers, which involves linking a debit or credit card to Wikibuy and using that card to purchase products at specific in-person retailers. 

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Coupon Codes

Wikibuy tests coupons at hundreds of retailers each time you shop at participating retailers. These are accessible once you have installed the main browser extension. You can find a list of participating online merchants on Wikibuy’s website.

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Who Is Wikibuy Best For?

Online shoppers, frequent customers and those who want to take the digital coupon experience offline and into brick and mortar retailers.

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Who Should Skip Wikibuy?

It almost goes without saying that if you don’t shop very much online, Wikibuy’s services are probably not for you. Even if you’re only shopping occasionally, however, there’s little harm in using some sort of cash-back and digital coupon provider. Does it have to be Wikibuy or can it be one of Wikibuy’s competitors? That’s up to you.

Customers who don’t like the idea of their data (albeit aggregate data) being sold to third parties should also weigh their comfort level with Wikibuy. Also, the company does not currently serve customers outside the United States. 

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How Does Wikibuy Make Money?

The aforementioned selling of aggregate data to third parties is one large way Wikibuy makes money and continues offering its services to customers for free. As with other coupon sites of its kind, Wikibuy also makes a commission from the retailer every time a customer uses any of its coupons. 

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How To Get Started With Wikibuy

If you’ve decided on Wikibuy for your online deal-finding, it’s simple to download and set up.

  1. To add an online browser extension, go to the following page, depending on your browser of choice:
    1. Chrome
    2. Safari
    3. Microsoft Edge
  2. To add a mobile app, go to the following stores depending on the type of phone you own:
    1. iTunes
    2. Android
  3. Once you’ve downloaded the extension or the app, you can either go to, open the app or click on the Wikibuy icon in your browser in order to create your account.
  4. After you fill in the account details, start shopping to start saving.

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Alternatives to Wikibuy

Wikibuy is not the only player in the digital coupon game. The company faces competition from several different angles since it is attempting to be the aggregator of all online shopping tips and tricks. Here’s a breakdown of its top competitors for you to consider.

Wikibuy Competitors
Company Comparison Overview Pros Cons
Honey Honey offers many of the same features as Wikibuy, from trending deals to coupon codes to a universal product store
  • Honey works with over 30,000 participating merchants
  • Their best-price feature works with Prime
  • Offers gift card rewards via Honey Gold
  • No in-store rewards or credits program 
RetailMeNot Features a homepage and services nearly identical to Wikibuy; the lone exception being what browsers currently support their respective extensions
  • Has Top Offers, Trending Deals and even Cash-Back offers
  • Universal product store
  • In-store coupons
  • Only 5,000+ online merchant partners
  • Its browser extension, Genie, only works with Chrome and Firefox
Piggy Offering a smaller collection of services, Piggy focuses on coupons, price checks and cash back
  • Offers the option for customers to ask Piggy not to sell their personal information 
  • Extension automatically adds coupons and cash back without any extra clicks
  • Only 6,000+ online merchant partners 
  • Only works with Chrome 
  • No universal product store
Rakuten Formerly Ebates, Rakuten focuses on cash back rather than coupons, its website is set up similarly to RetailMeNot and Wikibuy with deals, offers and a universal product store. It’s even recently started offering a credit card.
  • They have a Refer a Friend program where you receive a reward when your friend signs up and makes a qualifying purchase.
  • Universal product store, cash-back rewards 
  • In-store cash-back
  • Relatively small amount of available coupons 
  • Does not offer extension tool for finding best possible prices
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Should You Download Wikibuy?

There is very little reason not to download a browser extension that gives you free money and discounts. If you’re concerned about your privacy, there may be reason to skip Wikibuy, but otherwise, it is one of the best companies of its kind on the market. With backing from Capital One and a variety of services, Wikibuy is both trustworthy and easy to use. While competitors may offer slight advantages in terms of perks (e.g., Rakuten’s Refer a Friend program), the overall suite of services provided by Wikibuy is the largest — cash back, coupons, best-price finder for, a universal product store, in-store credit rewards programs and more. 

RetailMeNot and Honey do not fall far behind, and either would be a great option should Wikibuy not quite fit your needs. The best part about these browser extensions is that if you ever want to get rid of them or switch to another, it’s as easy as clicking “remove” and downloading a different one. 

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