What To Do If The IRS Child Tax Credit Portal Isn’t Working

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The IRS has set up an online portal for the purposes of managing child tax credit payments. There are several functions the portal performs, including enrolling in the payments, opting out of the credit altogether and inputting bank account information to ensure you receive the payment via direct deposit.

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The portal is not always very clear so it can be tricky to find what you’re looking for. Here are some common troubles taxpayers have been having, and how to get through them.

Finding the portal

If you paid taxes in 2019 or 2020, then the portal you will use is here. Some taxpayers have been using the Non-Filer Portal to no results as the non-filer portal is specifically designed for those who normally do not file taxes. Although the regular portal will say “Manage Advance Payments” when you come to this landing page, do not worry – this is actually the main home page entrance for the portal — the IRS just didn’t make it that clear.

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Signing In

The IRS has commissioned a third-party verification site, ID.me, to verify your identity before you are given access. You will need to upload primary documentation like your passport or driver’s license. You will also need to download an app on your phone and take a facial scan selfie to authorize entry. Should they need further verification, you might need to submit further documentation with your social security number displayed on it, like a paystub. Beware though – this can be lengthy and difficult to obtain. To save you the headache, it’s a good idea to contact your payroll provider for a customized report with SSNs displayed ahead of time, as the process could take a couple of days.


If you sign in to the child tax credit portal and you do not see any notification displayed on the landing page that you are eligible for the credit, there can be a couple of things wrong. First, make sure you do not qualify as a non-filer. If you are a taxpayer, then it could be because there is a hold or problem with your return. For example, if you have not received your tax return yet it is possible your tax return has not been processed. The IRS is still dealing with a backlog of tax returns, and it is possible a delay in processing your tax return has caused a delay in processing your eligibility for the child tax credit. Another reason could be that the IRS is missing information it needs to process your child tax credit. Double-check that your bank account information is correct. If the information is incorrect, the IRS will not be responsible for depositing money into the wrong account.

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If all else fails and you still have questions, you can call the IRS, but beware, the agency has already informed taxpayers that it is already dealing with an unprecedented number of calls and is having difficulty keeping up with the number of requests.

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