Here’s Your VyStar Routing Number

VyStar Credit Union has just one routing number.

Anyone who has signed up for direct deposit or logged in to pay online with an eCheck has likely hit a similar snag: the need to find their routing number. Specifically, if you’re a member of central Florida’s VyStar Credit Union, you need to know your VyStar Credit Union routing number. But you’re in luck because there’s a single routing number for all VyStar accounts: 263079276.

If you’re ever having trouble remembering the VyStar routing number, it also appears on your checks. In the bottom left corner, the computerized numbers printed at the bottom are your routing number followed by your account number and then check number. The first group of nine digits represents the VyStar bank routing number.

What Is a Routing Number?

When a financial institution receives a check or a request to process a transfer, the institution needs to be able to identify the checking account the funds will be coming from or, if you’re setting up your direct deposit, where they’re going to. Routing numbers are an essential way to help locate the bank and region in question for other banks or an automated clearing house that handles electronic transfers.

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Although VyStar’s relatively small footprint means it only needs the one number to cover all of its members, larger banks with a national scope can have dozens of routing numbers for specific regions or states. For example, Chase has 24 different routing numbers it uses to find which Chase bank is needed.

What Do Bank Routing Numbers Mean?

Each combination of numbers within your routing number has different significance. The first four digits indicate which district of the Federal Reserve Bank the bank is located in, and the second four digits are there to identify the bank itself. That last digit is actually determined with an algorithm and verifies the authenticity of the check.

Many banks that facilitate international money transfers have a separate SWIFT code to help them communicate with foreign banks. VyStar, however, does not have a SWIFT code and doesn’t handle outgoing international wire transfers.

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About VyStar Credit Union

VyStar Credit Union is based in Jacksonville, Fla., and serves members across 22 counties in central Florida. Since its founding in 1952 as the Jax Navy Federal Credit Union, it has grown from just 1,100 members to over half a million.

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Here’s Your VyStar Routing Number
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