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Looking for a nearby credit union? Follow these easy steps on your computer or smartphone.

Unlike investor-owned banks, credit unions are nonprofit organizations owned by its members. Credit unions typically pass on savings to customers in the form of affordable consumer loans, share certificates, student loans and retirement accounts. All member deposit accounts are insured for at least $250,000 by the NCUA, an independent federal agency that regulates and supervises federal credit unions.

If you need to find a credit union near you, you can use a computer or a smartphone to locate one quickly. Check out the chart to see how many branches — and in which states — 30 popular credit unions have. Once you learn how to find your nearest credit union, you can choose the best credit union for you.

Credit Unions Near You
Credit Union Branches States With Branches
Alaska USA Credit Union logo 2017 Alaska USA Federal Credit Union 87 Ariz., Ark., Calif., Wash.
Alliant Credit Union Alliant Credit Union 12 Calif., Colo., Ill., Texas, Washington D.C
America First Credit Union 118 Nev., Utah
American Airlines CU logo 2017 American Airlines Federal Credit Union 47 Texas
Boeing Employees Credit Union logo 2017 BECU 48 S.C., Wash.
Bethpage Federal Credit Union logo 2017 Bethpage Federal Credit Union 33 N.Y.
Citizens Equity First Credit Union logo 2017 Citizens Equity First Credit Union 26 Calif., Ill.
Delta Community Credit Union logo 2017 Delta Community Credit Union 27 Ga., Ky., Texas, Utah
digital federal credit union Digital Federal Credit Union 22 Mass., N.H.
Ent Federal Credit Union logo 2017 Ent Credit Union 25+ local service centers; thousands of co-op shared locations Colo.
ESL Federal Credit Union logo 2017 ESL Federal Credit Union 20 N.Y.
First Tech FCU logo 2017 First Tech Federal Credit Union N/A Ore.
Golden 1 Credit Union 75+ Calif.
lake michigan credit union Lake Michigan Credit Union 42 Fla., Mich.
 Logix logo 2017 Logix Federal Credit Union 15 Calif.
Mountain America Credit Union logo 2017 Mountain America Credit Union 85 Ariz., Idaho, Nev., N.M., Utah
Navy FCU logo 2017 Navy Federal Credit Union 294 Calif., D.C., Fla., Va.
Patelco Credit Union logo 2017 Patelco Credit Union 36 Calif.
PenFed PenFed N/A D.C., Md., Va.
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union logo 2017 Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union N/A Pa.
Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union logo 2017 Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union 55+ Texas
San Diego County Credit Union 42 Calif.
schoolsfirst logo SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union 40+ Calif.
Security Service Federal Credit Union Security Service Federal Credit Union 70 Colo., Texas, Utah
Star One Credit Union logo 2017 Star One Credit Union 6 Calif.
State Employee CU logo 2017 State Employees Credit Union 255 N.C.
suncoast credit union logo Suncoast Credit Union N/A Fla.
Teachers Federal Credit Union logo 2017 Teachers Federal Credit Union 25 N.Y.
United Nations FCU logo 2017 United Nations Federal Credit Union 3 N.Y.
VyStar Credit Union logo 2017 VyStar Credit Union 118 Fla.

How to Find a Credit Union Near You

You can use a search engine to find nearby credit union locations.

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Here’s how to use a search engine to find a nearby credit union:

  1. Use a search engine such as Google and type in the words, “credit union near me.”
  2. Review the search results to find nearby credit union locations.
  3. Visit a credit union’s website to determine if you are eligible to join — look for a page called “Membership” or “Join” and click on that for details.
  4. Confirm the credit union hours for the location you’d like to visit.

You can conduct this search on your smartphone, too — just follow the same steps with your iPhone or Android device. Once you find the institution you want, visit a local branch to open a credit union membership.

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Use the NCUA Credit Union Locator Tool

The NCUA is a valuable resource for easy-to-understand information about credit unions. In addition, it offers an easy-to-use search tool to help you find a credit union within a five- to 50-mile area.

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You can search a credit union by address, credit union name or charter number. In addition, you can sort search results by member services offered, nearby ATMs, and drive-through and drive-up branches.

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Here’s how to find a credit union using the NCUA tool:

  1. Go to the NCUA website.
  2. At the top of the page, enter either the address, city and state — or ZIP code — of the area you want to search or the credit union name or charter number.
  3. In the next box, select the appropriate search type.
  4. If you want to narrow your search, click on “Refine your search” and check the boxes you want to include.
  5. Click on “Search” and view your results.

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Who Is Eligible to Join a Credit Union?

Credit unions serve individuals with common interests or affiliations. Typically, members must live, worship or go to school a certain county or city, or work for certain companies. Some credit unions cater to particular industries — for instance, Schools First Federal Credit Union serves the educational community in Southern California. Although the rules of joining might seem prohibitive, most credit unions extend membership to family members of those eligible.

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