Here’s Your BECU Routing Number

Get the credit union's routing number without a BECU login.

When filling out a form for a direct deposit, setting up an automatic payment or even ordering checks, you will need to provide your routing number as well as your checking or savings account number. Using a routing number will ensure that the money is debited or credited to the correct account. If you have an account with BECU, whether you visit your local branch or primarily use BECU online banking, you’ll need to know your routing number for a number of reasons.

What is Your BECU Routing Number

The routing number for BECU is 325081403.  The BECU routing number is the same for every state in the country.  Read on to learn how to quickly find your routing number at any time for BECU.

How to Find Your BECU Routing Number

A routing number is a nine-digit number that allows a check or wired payment to be sent to the correct bank or credit union. You can find your routing number by looking at your BECU checks. The first number on the bottom left-hand side of your checks is your routing number. It will direct deposits to your bank.

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Understanding Your BECU Routing Number

Your routing number is basically the address for the bank, whereas your account number is the specific address of your account. These numbers work in a similar way to how your BECU online banking login gives you access to your account: The routing number allows the banking system to process your check through the local processing department and send the information to the correct bank, which then uses your account number to either debit or credit your account the right amount of money.

Each routing number is nine digits long. The first four digits refer to the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, the next four digits serve as the institution identifier for the ABA and the last is the check digit. Both banks and credit unions have nine-digit routing numbers.

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When You Will Need Your BECU Routing Number

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You’ll need your routing number in a variety of different situations, including any time you’re setting up an automatic transaction that will affect your account. Often these services will require a copy of your voided check to make sure the number is correct. Services that have this requirement can include:

  • Direct deposits
  • Automatic payments
  • Tax refunds and payments
  • Automatic transfers between bank accounts
  • Mortgage payments

Different Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers

The routing number on your checks is used primarily to help move money between your bank account and someone else’s account. Wire transfers have fees and they use a different set of numbers. You’ll also want to verify the exchange rate if you are transferring to a foreign bank. You can verify this with BECU online or by calling.

Here are the BECU routing numbers for wire transfers:

Domestic Wire Transfer ABA: 325081403
International Wire Transfer: 59 Beneficiary ABA: //FW325081403

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Here’s Your BECU Routing Number
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