Newest Alliant Credit Union Promotions: Best Offers, Coupons and Bonuses May 2020

Find out what Alliant Credit Union is offering this month.

Alliant is one of the nation’s 10 largest credit unions, with some $11.79 billion in assets held for its members. That’s a long way from when the bank was originally created as the United Airlines Employees’ Credit Union in 1935 — it finished its first year with under 150 members and just over $5,000 in assets. Over the decades, it has evolved considerably to the organization it is today.

And if membership at Alliant is something you’ve been considering, you should make sure you’re getting any and all promotions that are given to new members. Every year, Americans lose out on bonuses and promotions that would otherwise be money in their pockets. Many banks offer them to new customers as a way to entice business. These promotions change over time, though, so it’s important to keep yourself up to date on the latest offers.

So, here’s a look at what promotions Alliant currently has to offer.

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Current Alliant Credit Union Promotions

There aren’t any promotions or bonuses for new members at this time, but keep checking back in the future. This article will be updated periodically to include any new bonuses or offers as they’re announced.

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How To Open an Alliant Credit Union Account

Membership is open to pretty much anyone at Alliant. Here’s the criteria to meet:

  • Be a current or retired employee of an Alliant partner company
  • Be an immediate family member of an Alliant member
  • Live or work near the Alliant headquarters in Chicago
  • Be a member of a qualifying organization

If you’re not already a member or employee of one of the organizations that infers membership, you can join by becoming a member of Foster Care to Success. Visit the bank’s website to see if you’re already eligible for membership through one of its partner organizations.

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Simply chasing bonuses and promotions is no way to choose a bank account. After all, the right account is one you’ll be using for years, making the initial sign-up bonus a relatively marginal piece of the broader decision-making process. That said, once you’ve settled on the right bank for you, it’s foolish to simply miss out on those additional perks just because you were unaware of them. So, before you sign up for an account, be sure you know what sort of bonuses you’re entitled to.

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