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To grow your money over time, you can’t just save it; you need to invest it. Investing requires taking on some risk, which could lead to greater reward as well as loss. Learn the basics today.
Before sticking your money in a certificate of deposit that you can’t access for months or years, make sure you’re getting the best CD rate out there. GOBankingRates compares the best CDs in its rate tables.
If you’re looking for a short-term investment, consider a six-month CD. With low risk and competitive interest rates, certificates of deposit are a solid investment option.
Find the best CD rates for certificates of deposit with one-year term lengths. These accounts have higher interest rates than savings accounts without the risks of investing.
  • Jsgulchman

    If you own a $20,000 CD and try to cash it in, good luck. The banks don’t have the money on hand. My bank wanted to give me a cashiers check instead. Or I could wait a week for the cash. Since there is no good reason to hold a CD today, I keep my money in a safe deposit box.

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