CD Rates How-To


To grow your money over time, you can’t just save it; you need to invest it. Investing requires taking on some risk, which could lead to greater reward as well as loss. Learn the basics today.

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Best CD Rates

Before sticking your money in a certificate of deposit that you can’t access for months or years, make sure you’re getting the best CD rate out there. GOBankingRates compares the best CDs in its rate tables.

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6-Month CD Rates

If you’re looking for a short-term investment, consider a six-month CD. With low risk and competitive interest rates, certificates of deposit are a solid investment option.

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1-Year CD Rates

Find the best CD rates for certificates of deposit with one-year term lengths. These accounts have higher interest rates than savings accounts without the risks of investing.

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Finding the Best CD Rates

Few things are more intimidating than undertaking an unfamiliar venture — especially when that venture involves parting ways with your hard-earned cash. It’s key that that you conduct thorough research before you make an investment using a new tool or resource, such as a certificate of deposit account.

Although CD accounts are largely considered risk free, utilizing them properly is critical to maximizing your money’s growth potential.

CDs are very similar to traditional savings accounts. They allow you to deposit money into an FDIC-insured account, earn interest and eventually withdraw your funds. But if you want to get the most out of your CD, it’s a good idea to understand features that could help you grow your money. One of the best ways to get informed is to read one of the many CD-rate how-to articles at GOBankingRates.