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A credit card can be a helpful financial tool when you use it responsibly, or it can lead to overwhelming debt when you abuse it. Credit cards are great for building credit, handling big expenses and earning rewards, but it's important to pay the balance in full and on time, or you'll face interest charges and fees. Finding the best offers can help you keep your balance under control, which is essential to making a credit card helpful, not harmful, to your financial situation.

Average interest rates tend to fluctuate over time, but generally range anywhere between 13 percent and 23 percent, depending on your FICO score, so having very good — or very bad — credit can make a big difference.

Many credit card companies also offer generous rewards in the form of points, cash back or airline miles. Be sure to compare many offers from a variety of companies before making a decision.

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How to Find Low Credit Card Rates

After you’ve cleaned up your credit and are considered to be a prime credit customer, locating low credit card rates is all about comparison. Just because you qualify for the first card you apply for doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. Before filling out a credit card application, perform a credit card rates comparison that examines several cards from several companies.

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    PenFed may win for the best rewards that you collect but they do not win when you look at the fees they charge to collect the rewards, A $500 gift card costs 58,820 points, 8,820 points or the equivalent of $88.20 to collect that reward, about 18%. When you consider the costs the card is not a good deal. Get a different one that dose not charge such fees.

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