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Discover is one of the most popular credit card brands in the United States, coming in behind Visa and Mastercard but ahead of American Express, Member FDIC. The company’s credit cards are all under the Discover it brand with the exception of the NHL credit card, and they offer compelling perks like cash back and travel rewards.

With so many benefits, it’s not surprising if current Discover cardholders want to refer their friends to the lender. With the Discover Refer-a-Friend program, cardholders who tell their friends about Discover receive a bonus statement credit when Discover approves those friends for a credit card.

What Is the Discover Refer-a-Friend Program?

The Discover Refer-a-Friend Program is a program Discover offers to current cardholders. The program revolves around the concept of rewarding Discover members for bringing their friends to the team.

That reward comes by way of a statement credit, the amount of which varies from $50 to $100 per approved friend, depending on the card that members referred their friends to. These statements should post within one to two billing periods of the referral’s approval, and Discover will alert the referring members.   

The member who referred their friend isn’t the only one who gets a statement credit. Discover also extends a credit to the friend after they make their first purchase with their Discover card, assuming they do so within the first three months of membership. 

Cardholders should be aware of a few limitations. Discover It Secured credit card members and Business credit card members are not eligible for the Refer-a-Friend bonus, and Discover will only reward those who are eligible for up to 10 referrals per year. 

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How To Refer a Friend to Discover

Cardholders who want to bring their friends into the Discover family can do so by following the steps below.

Referring Friends

  1. Go to the Discover Refer-a-Friend webpage.
  2. Log in using your online login information, including your Discover username and password. Those who don’t have a username and password will need to sign up for online account management before they can proceed.
  3. Once users log in, Discover will ask them for information about their friend and which offer they’d like to refer their friend to. Members should fill out this information to send the invitation to their friends. 

Once the cardholder fills out all information, Discover will send a customized invitation to the member’s friend. The invitation will explain the perks they’ll receive if they apply and Discover approves their application.

Why Refer a Friend to Discover

There are several reasons you might consider referring your friends to Discover credit cards. 

  • Get a referral bonus. Who doesn’t like extra money? Discover offers a referral bonus by way of a statement credit between $50 and $100 for each friend who accepts the invitation and gets approved for a credit card. Members can refer up to 10 friends a year for a total potential annual bonus of between $500 and $1,000.
  • Help a friend. Many people are uncomfortable talking about money. Students don’t learn much about it in school, and parents often feel uncomfortable talking about it. Consumers often spend a lot of time doing independent research to learn about financial opportunities on their own. Referring a friend to a lender that’s worked well for you can save that friend time.
  • Discover is a great lender. Discover has become one of the most popular credit card lenders in the United States. It’s done so by offering reasonable fees, compelling rewards and quality customer service. So, when members refer their friends to the lender, they know they’re referring their friends to a quality product matched with top-notch customer service.
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Final Take

Refer-a-Friend bonuses aren’t the only benefits Discover credit cards offer. The company offers a wide range of credit card offers that come with perks like introductory interest rates, cash back, travel rewards and discounted travel accommodations. Cardholders also enjoy fraud protection, financial insights tools, credit score monitoring and a wide range of other appealing benefits, making the lender an appealing choice to cardholders.


  • Does Discover have a Refer-a-Friend program?
    • Yes, Discover has a Refer-a-Friend program that rewards members with statement credits each time they send a new referral, if their friend is approved. Their friends can also receive a statement credit by making a purchase with their new card within three months.
  • How can I get $50 from Discover?
    • There are multiple ways you can get $50 or more from Discover. One of the most common ways is to use Discover's cash back credit card for purchases and watch earned cash rack up. Discover cardholders can also earn a statement credit worth between $50 and $100 just for referring their friends, if those friends are approved.
  • Does Discover have a referral bonus?
    • Yes, Discover offers a statement credit worth between $50 and $100 when existing members refer their friends and Discover approves them for a new credit card. Their friends also receive statement credits when they use their new Discover credit card to make a purchase within the first three months of membership.
  • How much is the Refer-a-Friend bonus?
    • The amount of the Discover refer-a-friend bonus depends on the specific card offer the member refers their friend to. The bonus is a statement credit worth between $50 and $100, depending on the offer Discover approves their friend for.

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