How To Make Quick Cash With Crypto


Cryptocurrency is synonymous with speed, both in terms of fortunes made and fortunes lost. If you’re willing to shoulder the risk, there are many ways that you can make quick cash with crypto. Just be advised that dabbling in cryptocurrency isn’t for everyone.

Although news reports love to highlight the incredible gains that cryptocurrencies can generate — witness Shiba Inu’s unbelievable 49 million percent gain in 2021, for example — they don’t often tout the incredible losses that some investors suffer. Latecomers who bought Shiba Inu at its all-time high, for example, are now sitting on losses of around 90%.

But as long as you are fully aware of the risks you are taking by diving into the world of cryptocurrency, there are definitely ways you can potentially make quick cash. Here are just a few options.

Trade It

The easiest way to potentially earn lots in crypto is to simply trade it. Exchanges like Coinbase offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that you can trade, from “OG” cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum to up-and-comers, like Solana and Polygon. Slowly but surely, more and more brokers are offering access to cryptocurrency, including Robinhood and SoFi, and it seems inevitable that cryptocurrency trading will move more and more into the mainstream over time. 

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Trading cryptocurrency is much like trading stocks, except crypto trading is the very definition of speculation. Without any intrinsic value, the price of cryptocurrency is incredibly volatile, as investors tug-of-war over whether or not certain cryptos have a more viable path to future acceptance and usage. But it’s this very volatility that affords crypto investors the chance to make quick cash. 

Mine It

Mining cryptocurrency is much harder now than when Bitcoin first hit the scene in 2009, but there’s still money to be made by dedicated mining operations. While you could formerly earn some Bitcoin by mining it from your home computer, nowadays crypto mining is big business, with well-funded companies hosting server farms filling entire rooms in faraway countries.

Currently, miners are rewarded with 6.25 Bitcoin for every block of transactions they validate on the blockchain, an amount that halves about every four years. At current Bitcoin prices, this translates to a payout of about $229,000. But the complexity involved in getting that reward is so high that many miners never earn a single Bitcoin. By way of reference, the difficulty rate for mining Bitcoin was at a reference level of 1. As of 2022, that difficulty rate is now more than 22 trillion.

The bottom line is you can make quick cash mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but the difficulty level is so high that it’s still a risky proposition, particularly for new miners. 

Store It

Strange as it may sound, there are a handful of cryptocurrencies that actually pay you a dividend, although it’s typically dubbed a “reward.” Names like Neo and KuCoin actually pay you a reward if you buy and hold them. KuCoin, for example, pays its holders 50% of all the exchange trading fees that it generates every day, as long as you hold a minimum of 6 KuCoin tokens. These dividends are paid in the form of additional KuCoin tokens. Other dividend-paying cryptos have their own reward structure. You won’t likely get rich overnight by owning and storing select cryptos, but they can be a nice form of daily passive income.

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Arbitrage It

Since cryptocurrency is still in its infancy in terms of trading as an investment, the exact price you’re quoted for a crypto might vary slightly among the different exchanges. Professional investors refer to this type of opportunity as arbitrage, as you can buy a crypto on one exchange at a lower price and simultaneously sell it on another at a slightly higher price to achieve a “no-risk” profitable trade. Arbitrage is a great idea in concept, but it’s hard enough to pull off successfully on regulated markets like the stock market. Trying to arbitrage cryptocurrencies is best left to the experts, although it can be a way to make quick cash.

Accept It as Payment

More and more merchants are beginning to accept cryptocurrency as payment, the same as they would with cash or credit cards. This type of business model is a bit of a gamble, as the cryptocurrency you accept today at a price of $22,000 could drop within a matter of hours or even minutes. But the opposite is also true, of course. Merchants who accept cryptocurrency payments when the market is tanking might very well luck into quick profits if market sentiment turns favorable. With some luck, your business profits could double in a relatively short period of time if your crypto gamble pays off. 

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