9 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

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The rise of non-fungible tokens has been among the most unexpected developments since cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology first emerged. Nowadays, many are creating, buying and selling them across Solana NFT marketplaces and taking advantage of this growing industry.

NFTs can be found on many different blockchains, and Solana is one example. Solana is a relative newcomer compared to the NFT leader Ethereum, which hosts a majority of all NFTs. However, the lower costs and versatility of Solana are rapidly shifting the NFT marketplace landscape in its favor.

NFTs exist on the blockchain, where their owners maintain complete control over them. However, people rely on marketplaces to make buying and selling easier. The marketplaces serve as an intermediary, hosting collections and connecting buyers and sellers.

9 Top Solana NFT Marketplaces

Choosing the top Solana NFT marketplaces comes down to their specific collections; the fees they charge; the tools they have available for creators, buyers and sellers; and the unique communities that they foster. There are plenty of options, and these nine are some of the very best out there today.

1. DigitalEyes

DigitalEyes is a leading open NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain and the very first such marketplace to have launched. It provides a robust platform for users to develop, buy and sell NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The platform features a wide range of leading and new NFT collections.

Among the top features provided by the platform is the mint calendar, which shows upcoming NFT launches. This lets buyers get in on the ground floor of increasingly competitive launches, where being among the first adopters can lead to lucrative resale profits and exclusive opportunities to buy the rarest NFTs.

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  • Extensive catalog of collections
  • Wide range of supported wallets
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • Unimpressive 2.5% service fee
  • Additional royalty fees

2. Metaplex

Metaplex is an intuitive NFT marketplace that takes an approach different from many others. Users are able to develop their own custom storefronts where they can showcase the NFTs they’re trying to sell, as opposed to the strictly collection-based format used by many other marketplaces.

As far as fees go, Metaplex is among the top Solana marketplaces. Unfortunately, users are only able to access the marketplace with the Phantom wallet. But lack of wallet choice isn’t necessarily an issue for many savvy NFT collectors who use multiple wallets.


  • Unique sale options for collectors
  • Many unique Solana NFT collections available
  • Great presentation


  • Restrictive wallet options

3. SolSea

SolSea is a Solana NFT marketplace that offers creators unique tools for developing and managing their collections. The platform allows creators to embed licenses in NFTs during minting, allowing for a more straightforward and meaningful integration of artwork licensing.

This marketplace also features a helpful calendar for buyers to track new NFT launches and purchase them when they’re still fresh. Unfortunately, SolSea has an above-average charge of 3% on NFT sales. This cost may be higher than some other options, but SolSea has unique features that may justify that cost for many creators.


  • Versatile licensing options
  • Plenty of fresh collections available
  • More control for creators


  • Higher-than-average fees
  • Unimpressive presentation
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4. Solanart

Solanart is one of the top Solana NFT marketplaces with some of the most sought-after collections, like Degenerate Ape Academy and Aurory. It’s easy to use the platform to find and explore interesting collections that users wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Solanart also has fantastic wallet support with a wide range available, although it particularly recommends Solflare. This platform also has a higher-than-average fee of 3%, although its offerings are simply good enough to justify that expense.


  • Great selection of collections
  • Wide range of wallet options
  • Easy-to-navigate platform


  • Higher-than-average fees
  • Potential additional fees from creators

5. Magic Eden

Magic Eden has a substantial market share and is at the forefront of the top Solana NFT marketplaces based on user numbers alone, with more than 10 million unique monthly visitors. It’s a favorite of many users and even maintains its own exclusive collection called Magic Ticket.

The platform has over 7,000 collections, including Okay Bears and Degen Dojo. It also has some of the most reasonable fees at 2% per transaction.


  • Low fees
  • Massive selection
  • Intuitive design


  • Limited wallet integration
  • Its popularity draws many copycats

6. Artz.ai

Artz.ai is a decentralized Solana NFT marketplace, in contrast to the centralized nature of most others on this list. This decentralization can provide NFT owners with more control and freedom while also providing a viable solution to the potential problem of NFT delisting. 

It also has reasonable fees at just 2%. Furthermore, listing is free, which fosters a thriving marketplace with many available collections. Decentralization is a hot topic across every crypto application, so Artz.ai is drawing plenty of attention.

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  • Low fees
  • Decentralized marketplace
  • Control over NFTs at all times


  • Limited wallet support
  • No possibility for transaction mediation

7. Exchange.Art

Much like the name suggests, Exchange.Art is a Solana NFT marketplace with a very strong focus on artwork and creators. The platform focuses more on unique works instead of the generated ones that have come to define many other NFT marketplaces.

Its fees are standard at 2.5%, and its robust creators portal gives artists the ability to easily develop their custom artworks into NFT collections. This includes a wide range of management tools and ways to organize collections.


  • Many examples of truly unique artwork
  • Fantastic creator support


  • Higher quality means reduced quantity of available collections
  • Not particularly impressive support for buyers

8. Alpha.art

Alpha.art is a Solana NFT marketplace with plenty of unique collections available, including the Piggy Sol Gang collection. In fact, this collection even allows users to stake their NFTs to generate profits.

The platform also has decent wallet support and reasonable fees at 2%. Its overall variety might lag behind larger marketplaces, but Alpha.art has plenty of unique charm that warrants taking a look.


  • Innovative use of staking in NFTs
  • Some unique collections
  • Reasonable fees


  • Limited overall variety

9. Solport

Solport is a marketplace with some innovative collections. One example is the Taiyo Infants/Incubators collection, which features NFTs that develop from newborns to infants as time goes on.

The platform has reasonable fees at just 2%, along with decent wallet support. It also has a vibrant community, with Telegram and Discord channels devoted to the platform and its NFT collections.

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  • Innovative and interactive collections
  • Reasonable fees


  • Limited variety

Final Take

The NFT ecosystem has grown increasingly complex, and the development of new marketplaces encourages competition. With that competition comes innovation and opportunity from increasingly ambitious projects, and NFT buyers should be ready to try out multiple platforms to find the Solana NFT marketplaces that best suit their needs.

Information is accurate as of May 13, 2022.


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