Robots Will Eliminate 75 Million Jobs in 4 Years — Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

Automation will create new jobs in emerging technologies.

It’s true that automation will replace millions of jobs over the next few years — but it will actually create more jobs than it will eliminate, according to a new report by the World Economic Forum.

The WEF predicts that robots will eliminate 75 million jobs by 2022, but they will also create 133 million new jobs thanks to the need for technological development as well as other socio-economic factors that will shift over the coming years, including the rise of middle classes in emerging economies.

Robots Can Boost Productivity, Report Says

In addition to creating new jobs, the use of new technologies can improve both the quality and productivity of positions currently held by human employees, the report concluded.

Specifically, the report predicts that by 2022, technology can take over the duties of data processing and information search tasks, giving employees opportunities to dedicate their time and effort to other tasks. Technology can also help employees with reasoning and decision-making tasks in a way that augments — but doesn’t replace — the work of humans.

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Don’t Want to Lose Your Job to a Robot? Choose These Careers

Certain jobs will actually experience an increased demand as we use technology more and more, according to the WEF report. These jobs include data analysts and scientists, software and applications developers, and e-commerce and social media specialists. Find out which careers have the most security.

There are also expected to be new jobs created in fields related to emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists, big data specialists, process automation experts, information security analysts, user experience and human-machine interaction designers, robotics engineers and blockchain specialists.

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In addition, there are certain jobs that require skills that are unique to humans that likely won’t suffer job loss through 2022. These jobs include customer service workers, sales and marketing professionals, training and development specialists, those who work in the fields of people and culture, organizational development specialists and innovation managers.

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