What Is WallyGPT? AI’s Newest Personal Finance App

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Your finances have never had more opportunities for growth, nor have they had so many ways in which you can monitor and organize them. Building your bank account is now more than just saving what you can from each paycheck, but rather finding personal financial assistance to help optimize your portfolio and increase your net worth.


Get ready to set aside standard search engines as chatbot-powered personal finance apps are here to help.

What Is WallyGPT?

WallyGPT is the world’s first personal finance artificial intelligence app. It is GPT-powered and designed to offer customized guidance to help you reach your specific financial goals. Wally has been in the personal finance world since 2013 but the new WallyGPT function will help answer all of your financial questions.

This AI app utilizes both natural language processing and machine learning. In addition to charts and graphs, it will answer any questions you have in real-time. CEO and co-founder of Wally, Saeid Hejazi, stated:

Wally has always been at the forefront of personal finance management, and the introduction of WallyGPT is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation. We believe that WallyGPT will empower our users to make more informed financial decisions while maintaining the utmost privacy and security.

How WallyGPT Can Help Your Finances

Available worldwide in over 70 countries, the Wally app can take your financial planning to the next level. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Fully automated: Wally is a free AI app where you can link all of your financial and banking accounts. This makes it easy to track your spending, monitor upcoming bills and budget your cash flow.
  • Talk to WallyGPT: You can chat with WallyGPT to help you not only set financial goals but also take steps to achieve them. You can also learn more about your finances and investing. 
  • Track your finances: Wally automatically helps track your spending, budgets out your balances and more. 
  • Highly secure: Wally does not store your card information or login information. Any account you sync with Wally is encrypted end-to-end. 
  • Intelligent insights: You can ask WallyGPT about your finances ranging from insights on how much you’re saving each month to checking in on how your expenses have changed from week to week. 
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Is the Wally App Right for You?

If you want to learn more about personal financial planning, the Wally app with its new WallyGPT feature could be a good fit for you. The mobile app is free and can help you track your spending and saving. In addition, it can answer any questions you may have — from family planning to retirement. These features make it stand out from other personal finance apps.

Final Take To GO 

Though Wally has operated in the personal finance scene since 2013, the new WallyGPT function takes advantage of AI technology to boost your financial planning experience. The first step in financial planning is doing a deep dive into your own financial situation. WallyGPT can help you learn where you stand and answer questions about where you can go with your finances. 


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding WallyGPT.
  • What is Wally?
    • The Wally app, or WallyGPT, is an AI-powered mobile app designed to help you with customized guidance for your financial planning. It gives you more than just charts and graphs but answers questions you have in real-time with informed financial decisions about your budget, expenses, savings and more.
  • Is the Wally app free?
    • Yes, you can get started with the Wally app for free to start tracking your finances.
  • Can you get the Wally app on Google Play?
    • Yes, the WallyGPT app is available for download from both Google Play and the App Store.

Information is accurate as of July 5, 2023. 

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