10 In-Demand Jobs To Consider in 2023

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While unemployment remains low, fears of a recession in 2023, combined with an uncertain economic landscape that could trigger more job layoffs, are on the minds of many Americans.

Indeed, 31% of American employees say they are concerned about their workplace potentially planning budget cuts or layoffs, according to a Dec. 14 Workforce Confidence survey by LinkedIn, as GOBankingRates previously reported.

Yet, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7% in November and has been in the 3.5% to 3.7% range since March, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And for Americans 55 and older, the landscape is even more positive, as the rate is even lower, at 2.5%, AARP reported, which means employers are eager to hire, especially in certain positions.

AARP compiled a list of these roles, based on BLS data and projections for now through 2031, finding that there is “a range of professions suitable to different backgrounds and levels of experience.”

While medical professions show the most growth potential, other professions also look promising.

Here are some of these jobs, according to AARP’s findings:

1. Nurse Practitioner

  • Increase in jobs: 45.7%
  • Average hourly wage: $56.75

2. Data Scientist

  • Increase in jobs: 35.8%
  • Average hourly wage: $52.24

3. Information Security Analyst

  • Increase in jobs: 34.7%
  • Average hourly wage: $54.46

4. Umpire, Referee or Other Sports Official

  • Increase in jobs: 31.7%
  • Average hourly wage: $24.86

5. Web Developer

  • Increase in jobs: 30.3%
  • Average hourly wage: $38.09

6. Choreographer or Dancer

  • Increase in jobs: 29.7% and 24.5%, respectively
  • Average hourly wage: $19.47 for both

7. Physician Assistant

  • Increase in jobs: 27.6%
  • Average hourly wage: $57.43
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8. Home Health Aide

  • Increase in jobs: 25.4%
  • Average hourly wage: $14.07

9. Travel Agent

  • Increase in jobs: 19.7%
  • Average hourly wage: $22.39

10. Animal Care Specialist

  • Increase in jobs: 19.4%
  • Average hourly wage: $14.19

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