Toy Testing: A Fun Way To Make Extra Money

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Though it may sound like a dream your inner child once told you about, toy testing is a legitimate way to not only entertain and engage your children but also make a little cash on the side. Sure it is fun, but toy companies also need this feedback to ensure the quality of their product is both enjoyed and meets toy safety standards. This is a great way for the whole family, young and young at heart alike, to earn money while playing.

How Does Toy Testing Work?

Whether your child is a toddler or a pre-teen, there is probably a toy testing gig out there for their age range. Test methods and applications will vary, but essentially, once you have been offered the toy testing gig, your child will either receive a free toy to review at home or be asked to come into the company’s toy lab for testing and certification. This testing allows the company to see its product in action and that it complies with the Consumer Product Safety Act.

4 Ways To Get a Toy Testing Job

Getting these jobs can be slightly difficult due to many parents and children going after the coveted position of toy tester. However, there are ways to push your family in front of the pack to nab the next available opportunity. Here are four ways to better your chances of getting a toy testing job.

  1. Sign up for toy testing recruitment websites.
  2. Grow your social media and online presence.
  3. Start making toy reviews for companies.
  4. Contact toy companies directly.

1. Sign Up for Toy Testing Recruitment Websites 

Becoming a member of an online community or website that companies specifically seek out when recruiting for toy testers will greatly increase your chances of eventually being one. Often these sites will email their members first with new opportunities. Some of the best websites and social media pages to follow or join include the following:

  • Mattel Imagination Center
  • Mega Blocks
  • Discovery Toys
  • Step 2
Make Your Money Work Better for You

2. Grow Your Social Media and Online Presence 

Not only should you be actively following the toy companies you want to test for but also your personal social media pages should be treated like a small business where you regularly review toys through written and video reviews and have a solid following. A good way to start building  your review platform is to review toys you already have in-house. Here are some areas to explore to enhance your social media and online presence:

3. Start Making Toy Reviews for Companies 

It may sound counterintuitive, but reviewing a company’s products, unsolicited to start, is a good way to grab a toy company’s attention. Be as thorough as possible and don’t tell them what you think they want to hear, as much of the quality control for the product is based on reliable feedback. The following are some details to include in your toy reviews:

  • Size and color of the toy.
  • The age range that works for the toy.
  • Any unique features.
  • Durability and quality of the toy.

You can also join review platforms or sites dedicated specifically to leaving feedback and reviews. This is a great way to get free toys to use and review, as well as get attention from such other platforms as Amazon Vine. 

4. Contact Toy Companies Directly 

Yes, online toy testing is more expansive, but don’t overlook local toy stores or even submit a request or resume to the major toy manufacturers directly. A foot in the door with either of these will definitely propel you to a higher stratosphere of toy tester and toy reviewer. If it’s your local toy store, have a chat with the owner or manager to see what would be mutually beneficial for both parties, and never underestimate a neighborhood influence.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Final Take

Whether it’s earning some extra money on the side or just the chance for some free toys to play with, becoming a toy tester can be both fun and rewarding. It is a job the whole family can enjoy.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a toy tester.
  • How much do toy testers make?
    • How much a toy tester will make varies greatly depending on location and how often they are researching, testing and doing risk assessments for each product. For example, in Los Angeles, the majority of annual salaries within the toy tester jobs category currently range between $32,565 to $80,362.
  • How does your child become a toy tester?
    • There are many ways to increase the chances your child can become a toy tester. Here are some tips:
      • -Sign up for toy testing recruitment websites.
      • -Grow your social media and online presence.
      • -Start making your own toy reviews for companies.
      • -Contact toy companies directly.
  • How does toy testing work?
    • Once you have gotten the toy testing job, you or your child will either receive a free toy to review at home or be asked to come into the company's toy lab for a certification and testing process.

Information is accurate as of March 7, 2023. 

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