11 Best ChatGPT Plugins To Use for Making Money

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Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, hundreds of plugins for the generative artificial intelligence program have emerged. ChatGPT Plus plugins are programs that help ChatGPT accomplish certain tasks more effectively and enhance its functionality.

11 Best ChatGPT Plugins To Use for Making Money

You’ll find plugins that can help you with everyday tasks like summarizing websites and saving money on groceries. There are also more advanced plugins that people are using to make money. Here are 11 of the best ChatGPT plugins you should know.

1. Prompt Perfect

Users across the web hail Prompt Perfect as one of the best ChatGPT plugins you can find. That’s because it helps you write better prompts to get better results from ChatGPT.

If you use ChatGPT for writing emails or articles, marketing campaigns or social media content, this plugin can help you. It allows ChatGPT to create better content or outlines with fewer revisions or interventions on your behalf.

How Do You Access ChatGPT Plus Plugins?

To use a ChatGPT plugin, you’ll need to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Visit the Plugin Store and click the green install button once you find the plugin you want to try.

If you’re using ChatGPT through the mobile app, you won’t be able to access plugins. However, you can access ChatGPT through Chrome on your phone and install plugins that way.

2. All In One SEO

SEO specialists and internet marketers can benefit from AIOSEO, the All In One SEO ChatGPT Plugin. This plugin can be used with WordPress. AIOSEO will generate optimized meta descriptions or post titles. It can also find broken links and provide real-time SEO data.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Rated 4.7 stars with more than 3 million active installations, if you’re serious about SEO, this ChatGPT plugin is worth trying out.

3. Formidable Forms

If you build websites requiring forms, Formidable Forms just made your job faster and easier — which means you can make more money. Formidable Forms puts ChatGPT right into your WordPress site. It will act as a virtual assistant that can answer questions and provide customer support in real-time for better engagement.

4. Bing Search

One of the first available ChatGPT plugins, the Bing Search plugin allows ChatGPT to connect to the Web through the Bing search engine. You can use it for fact-checking and updated information post-2021. ChatGPT on its own only has access to data uploaded from 2021 or earlier.

5. Link Reader

If you’re a writer doing research or if you need to summarize a website or article, you can use Link Reader. You can also use Link Reader to catch up on popular topics or follow trends. This allows you to create timely social media content for yourself or clients.

Link Reader can read PDFs, PPTs, images, Word documents and other content on the Web, making it a versatile and helpful plugin.

6. Wolfram Alpha

The Wolfram ChatGPT plugin is hailed as one of the best ChatGPT plugins for analyzing data. It can create visualizations for music, math, anatomy, genealogy and more. In addition, it can analyze investment trends and provide real-time visualizations and graphical analysis, or help you create a genealogy tree.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Whatever field you’re in, Wolfram Alpha is likely to be able to help you create graphics and images that you can sell or use for your own knowledge to make more money.

7. Polygon

Specifically for investors, Polygon offers up-to-date market data and spotlights trends in stocks, options, forex and crypto investments. The Polygon website warns that, due to massive amounts of data available on investments, ChatGPT Plus may not display all the data. It may also be prone to hallucinations or inaccurate answers. However, it can streamline your investment analysis in many ways.

Before adding this plugin, you should understand that, with or without assistance from AI, investments can carry risks.

8. Zapier

Business executives, virtual assistants and anyone who works with a team will appreciate the Zapier ChatGPT Plugin. The plugin allows ChatGPT to interact with various productivity tools, including Slack and Google Drive apps.

The plugin allows you to automate tasks directly within ChatGPT, streamlining workflows and saving you time. Zapier can execute 50,000 actions within more than 5,000 apps. It can write and send emails, search databases, add contacts and much more. This plugin is one to know for sales and marketing teams, project managers and other professionals.

9. Code Interpreter

Code Interpreter is a ChatGPT plugin created by OpenAI. It can help you edit Python code, create visualizations, perform data transformations and complete statistical analysis.

Using its computer vision capabilities, it can also extract text from images and provide facial and object recognition. This can be handy for tagging on e-commerce and social media sites and also has other real-world applications.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

10. Video Insights

The Video Insights plugin views videos and provides summaries or synopses. If you are creating content related to YouTube or Daily Motion shows, publishing transcripts of news stories, or sorting and tagging shows for a website, this plugin can help.

It may also produce metadata such as likes, views, comments and even viewer demographics. This can help you track content results and modify your video campaign for greater success and income. However, this metadata may not always be correct, sources warn.

11. Stories

Have you ever dreamed of being a children’s book author? Write and publish children’s books with the Stories plugin from StoryBird.ai for ChatGPT Plus. You can personalize the story with specific names and locations. Stories emerge fully illustrated.

You can edit stories, choose new images and even publish the book on Amazon.

Bottom Line

Amidst fears of AI programs like ChatGPT taking jobs from human beings, smart entrepreneurs and professionals will, instead, learn how to leverage AI to make their jobs easier so they can earn more money faster.

The promising plugins covered above provide multiple moneymaking opportunities if you’re interested in starting a business or ways to make your current business more profitable.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ChatGPT plugins.
  • Are ChatGPT plugins good?
    • With over 550 ChatGPT plugins to choose from, it shouldn't be surprising that some are good and some are not. As with any app, some plugins work exactly as expected and serve a useful purpose, while others don't.
    • Check out their reviews in the Plugin Store and play around with different plugins to find the ones that work best for you.
  • What plugins are available for ChatGPT?
    • There are hundreds of plugins that are available for ChatGPT. If you are looking to streamline a certain task, there is sure to be a plugin that can help. You can find them in the Plugin Store on the ChatGPT website.
  • What are the best ChatGPT plugins?
    • Here are some of the best ChatGPT plugins:
      • Prompt Perfect
      • All In One SEO
      • Formidable Forms
      • Bing Search
      • Link Reader
      • Wolfram Alpha
      • Polygon
      • Zapier
      • Code Interpreter
      • Video Insights
      • Stories
Make Your Money Work Better for You

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