10 Best Driving Apps To Make Money in 2023

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No matter if you want to transport people or deliver packages, takeout or groceries, there’s a driving app you can sign up with to make some cash. However, not all driving apps are created equal when it comes to making money. To get the average hourly pay users of these popular driving apps make, GOBankingRates referenced data from Glassdoor. 

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Here are the 10 best driving apps to make money in 2023. 

10 Best Driving Apps To Make Money in 2023

The best driving apps are the ones that pay competitively and are widely available. Here are 10 to consider: 

1. Lyft

Average hourly pay: $19

Lyft is a rideshare service that’s available in cities in all 50 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C. Pay is based on completed rides. In most cities, you’ll be able to see the fare you’ll earn before accepting the ride, and you’ll get to keep 100% of any tips you earn.

Requirements: The age requirements to become a Lyft driver vary by state. In California, for example, you have to be at least 25. You can rent a vehicle to drive for Lyft or drive your own car. Basic vehicle requirements include having four doors and being insured and registered. Lyft will also run a background check before allowing you to drive, which can take a few days.

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2. Instacart

Average hourly pay: $16

Instacart is an online grocery delivery service that’s available in thousands of cities across North America. As an Instacart shopper, you can choose when and where you want to shop and see the potential earnings upfront. You can also earn tips.

Requirements: To shop and deliver for Instacart, you must be at least 18. You must also have a bank account, a recent smartphone and consistent access to a car. You must also be able to lift 40 pounds with or without accommodation.

3. DoorDash

Average hourly pay: $19

DoorDash bills itself as the No. 1 food and drink app in the U.S. You can deliver with DoorDash in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. — the service is available in over 7,000 cities. DoorDash drivers earn base pay, plus promotions and 100% of tips.

Requirements: To earn with DoorDash, you’ll need to be 18 with a driver’s license and a Social Security number. You’ll also need to be willing to submit to a background check. You can deliver with DoorDash if you have access to a car or scooter, and in some cities, bicycle deliveries are allowed. 

4. Uber Eats

Average hourly pay: $21

Uber Eats is an online ordering and food delivery platform that’s available in thousands of U.S. cities. As an Uber Eats delivery driver, you’ll get paid for each pickup and drop-off, plus a per-mile rate and tips. Some cities are also eligible for a per-minute rate.

Requirements: To work as an Uber Eats delivery driver with a car or scooter, you must be at least 19 with a driver’s license and a Social Security number. You’ll also need to submit to a background check. If you work in an area that allows bicycle deliveries, you must be at least 18. 

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5. HopSkipDrive

Average hourly pay: N/A

HopSkipDrive is a transportation solution company for families, youth and children that’s available in various cities across the U.S. and coming soon to others. CareDrivers for HopSkipDrive are currently guaranteed to earn $500 for 10 completed trips during the first 14 days as part of the company’s Welcome Guarantee promotion. After that, you’ll earn a base fare, which is based on your area, plus an additional amount for longer rides. You might also be eligible for bonuses or promotions.

Requirements: To earn with HopSkipDrive, you’ll need to be at least 23 and have at least five years of caregiving experience. You’ll also need a good driving record and a four-door vehicle that’s no more than 10 years old. A background check is required.

6. Grubhub

Average hourly pay: $20

Grubhub is available in more than 4,000 cities across all 50 U.S. states. Grubhub pays drivers base pay, which is calculated by using mileage, delivery type, time spent delivering and the local market. Drivers can also earn bonuses and get to keep all tips. 

Requirements: To deliver for Grubhub, you’ll need to be at least 18 and have a driver’s license. You’ll also need a car with car insurance. In some areas, bike deliveries are allowed.

7. Amazon Flex

Average hourly pay: $17

Amazon Flex pays you to deliver packages with your personal vehicle. However, this opportunity is currently available in only about 100 cities and towns in the U.S. Amazon lists the cities it’s actively recruiting in on its website. Even so, anyone can download the app and create an account to show their interest in a position if one comes available in their area.

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Earnings for Amazon Flex drivers are paid in blocks of time that you schedule and are based on several factors, including location, tips and how long it takes to complete your deliveries. You can earn more by accepting instant pay offers if you have extra time during the day.

Requirements: To deliver for Amazon Flex, you must be at least 21 and have a driver’s license, a mid-size or larger vehicle and a smartphone. 

8. Spark Driver

Average hourly pay: $19

The Spark Driver app allows independent contractors to deliver groceries, food and home items for Walmart and other stores. It is available in more than 3,650 cities across all 50 U.S. states. Delivery earnings are based on tips, order size and any extra effort required, such as delivering extra heavy items. Other ways to earn include incentives, referrals and tips.

Requirements: To drive for Spark, you must be at least 18 with a valid driver’s license, a vehicle, auto insurance and a clean driving record.A background check is also required.

9. Shipt

Average hourly pay: $18

Shipt is a membership-based grocery marketplace that uses shoppers to shop for and deliver customer orders. Shoppers are paid per order and have opportunities to earn tips and bonuses.

Requirements: To become a Shipt shopper, you need to be at least 18 and have a valid driver’s license, auto insurance and a recent smartphone. Your vehicle must be 1997 or newer. You also need knowledge of produce selection and the ability to lift 40 pounds.

10. CitizenShipper

Average hourly pay: N/A

CitizenShipper is an online marketplace for people who are offering transporting services for items or live animals and those who are looking to hire those people. It is a subscription-based platform. Once you create a for-hire profile, the subscription is free for the first three months and $29.99 per month thereafter.

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Pay is not hourly. Instead, you get paid a fee by the people who hire you to transport their items. The site states that CitizenShippers make $6,000-$10,000 per month on average within 12 shipment categories.

Requirements: A vehicle, driver’s license and vehicle insurance are required to become a CitizenShipper. You’ll also have to submit to a background check and identity verification. If you plan to transport animals, consider getting USDA certification.

Driving for Dollars: Is It the Job for You?

If you’re planning to make some money on the side, using a driving app might work well for you. However, if you’re planning to make delivery driving or rideshare driving your main source of income, you’ll likely need to sign up for more than one driving app so you can avoid having too much downtime and maximize your opportunity to make as much income as possible. 


  • Which driving app makes the most money?
    • According to average hourly pay data from Glassdoor, the app that makes the most money is Uber Eats averaging $21 per hour, with Grubhub following closely behind at $20 average hourly pay. However, the hourly rate can vary depending on factors such as the city you work in and the downtime between deliveries. For example, in your city, a rideshare service, such as Lyft, might pay more than a food delivery service.
  • What driving app gives you rewards?
    • Several driving apps give you rewards, such as Safe 2 Save, Miles and Mobilio.
  • What app pays for driving data?
    • OnMyWay is a driving app that pays you for driving data. The app collects information about your driving habits. It rewards you for every mile you don't text or use distracting apps while driving. 
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Information is accurate as of June 13, 2023.


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