20 Outrageous Purchases That Led Kanye Into Debt

West might be disputing over money with Tidal, but that’s the least of his money problems.
  • Eric

    I’m speechless.

  • Old Dog

    Democratic Party poster boy: Super rich. Elite pampered lifestyle. Out of touch with us ordinary folk. Stupid with money.

    • Eenkling

      Do you think Trump hasn’t had his party days? How much do you think was spent on his third wife’s dress? TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! (And that doesn’t include wardrobe changes, shoes jewelry etc) How much do you think the wedding and reception cost? MILLIONS! How much do you think HER ring cost? THREE MILLION DOLLARS! How much do you think SHE spends on shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry, trips on private jets? MILLIONS EVERY YEAR! Do you REALLY think Trump is like “one of YOU”? If ever there was an example of “conservative” one upping it is Trump. MOST of the men in the GOP have mistresses that are kept in luxury. Who are you trying to kid?
      I don’t care for West or Kardashian, but if you are going to call a spade a spade, so am I.

    • Jim Howell

      he is one of the 1%ers in the entitled class that we Democrats hate, i guess old dogs can’t be taught

  • Adrienne S Allen

    epic fail

  • BlackJesus

    No one owns anything here on earth

    • Kitcat_007

      @Black, totally true. IRS and property taxes are here to remind us of this FACT.

  • Bloughmee

    I don’t know why exactly, but this complete douchebag makes my blood boil more than any other human on the planet. He has duped “his people” – mostly poor urban blacks who don’t have the money to waste – to buy the absolute crap he calls “his art” . Mostly misogynistic, racist rants with bad grammar and music stolen (er, licensed) from someone else. By taking advantage of his minions he lives like royalty. But how much does he give back? None. Zip. Kanye sucks, period.

    • eric roller

      you took the words out of my mouth-just hope a meteor falls out of the sky and smacks this guy

  • Bloughmee

    Might I add… If I had any connection to the IRS or other federal agencies able to screw with Kanye, his life would be very different. He’s be using a good chunk of his fortune in defense of whatever nuisance lawsuits and tax evasion charges I could dig up on him. I’m sure you don’t have to look very far to sit his behind in Allenwood for a few years.

  • Kitcat_007

    Kanye spends money just like other celebrities do, why single him out? You know the reason.

  • Hi there!

    We’d be happy to tell you why we included Donald Trump in this article, here’s the section:

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    If you read it, you’ll see that because there is no viable source to confirm exactly how much Kanye West paid for the party, we use Trump’s reported expenses as a benchmark to provide an educated estimate.

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  • eric roller

    this guy is a jerk and karma will catch up to him

  • BugsBunny

    So when will all this debt stop his ability to produce new “music”? I can’t wait until that day arrives.

  • Adam g

    Yeah, kanye Kardashian for president (hahaha)
    President of something.

  • disqus_7ETXR45PNR

    did he spend it on rims???