Prince Charles Is Worth Millions, But He Pays It Forward

Learn how the Prince of Wales earns money.
  • Prince Charles of the British royal family turns 70 on Nov. 14.
  • The Prince of Wales is worth $100 million, with the majority of his wealth coming from the Duchy of Cornwall.
  • Prince Charles pays his wealth forward — his charities raise about $130 million annually.

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is next in line to the throne. Learn all about his royal life in honor of his milestone 70th birthday on Nov. 14.

See how Prince Charles’ finances compare with his family’s, and check out how the British royal family spends its cash.

Prince Charles’ Net Worth: $100M

Prince Charles Philip Arthur George was born at Buckingham Palace on Nov. 14, 1948 and is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Charles became heir to the throne at the age of 3, when his grandfather King George VI died and his mother ascended to the throne. He’s worth $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Charles was invested Prince of Wales by the Queen in 1969; two years later he joined the Royal Air Force to train as a jet pilot. He then began a Naval career, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and both great-grandfathers. During his time in the Navy, he worked as a helicopter pilot.

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Prince Charles’ Finances

The majority of Prince Charles’ living and work expenses are funded by the Duchy of Cornwall, which is one of the largest and oldest estates in Britain. It includes agricultural land, as well as commercial and residential properties. The Duchy also has a financial investment portfolio.

Although Charles doesn’t own the Duchy, he receives the annual income generated from it. In addition to funds from the Duchy of Cornwall, Charles also gets funding for official activities from the publicly funded Sovereign Grant.

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Other Potential Sources of Income

Prince Charles also likely turns a profit from his business ventures, which include his own brand of whiskey, Barrogil. He is also an author and has written a book of stories as well as several books on nature.

Prince Charles’ Personal Life

In 1981, Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. Together they had two sons: Prince William and Prince Harry. Charles and Diana separated in 1992, and officially divorced in 1996. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash almost exactly a year later.

In 2005, Charles remarried, tying the knot with Camilla Parker-Bowles in a civil ceremony in Windsor.

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Prince Charles’ Charity Work

Prince Charles is just as generous as he is wealthy. He’s the patron or president of more than 400 charitable organizations focusing on a range of areas, including environmental and global sustainability, youth opportunity, education and faith. Each year, his charities raise more than £100 million, or $129.74 million.

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Prince Charles Is Worth Millions, But He Pays It Forward
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