Social Security, COLA and Retiring on a Budget: Our Most-Read Retirement Stories of 2021

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The pandemic has had a major impact on many people’s retirement savings and their overall plans for retirement. Recent research has shown that the “Great Resignation” may actually be the “Great Retirement” — of the 5 million people who left the U.S. labor force during the pandemic, 3.4 million are over 55 years old. About 1.5 million were early retirements and another 1 million were normal retirements. With so many people entering retirement — or getting ready to retire — it’s no wonder that our readers were interested in the retirement topics that could most impact their bottom lines, from details about the Social Security program to where to retire on a budget.

Here’s a look at GOBankingRates’ most-read retirement stories of 2021.

  1. 5 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About Social Security
  2. 17 Tips To Live Comfortably Off Just a Social Security Check
  3. 10 Reasons You Should Claim Social Security Early
  4. Jaw-Dropping Stats About the State of Retirement in America
  5. Social Security Schedule: When You’ll Receive Payments For The Remainder of 2021
  6. Social Security Schedule: When the First COLA Checks Will Arrive in January 2022
  7. When Social Security Runs Out: What the Program Will Look Like in 2035
  8. Best Cities To Retire on a Budget of $1,500 a Month
  9. 27 Ugly Truths About Retirement
  10. Social Security 2022: How the COLA Will Increase Benefits for the Average Senior Couple
Retire Comfortably

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Retire Comfortably

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