20 Ways to Pay Less at Costco

Cut your Costco bill with these tips.
  • Lisa Flores

    This was very informative. I love Costco, I have been a member for over 20 years. My original card said Price Club. I agree, the meat is the best, and I do freeze it. And the samples, please…. my Costco started giving alcohol samples. They scan your drivers license first, only one sample per member. Thanks again for the article.

  • l hammac

    when going to Costco I went to buy gas and was told I had to have a Costco credit card which I do not have I use cash so I guess that is something I will not buy there

    • Patti Poo

      Not so, if you have a costco membership card, and a debit card from your bank you are go to go. Good luck!

      • TheCalvinator

        The pumps only accept Costco cards in my experience
        . The station’s not ‘manned’ for exceptions.

      • Mtina

        U only need a Costco membership card and then U can use any debit/credit card for gas!

    • henryrii

      Use a visa credit card if your choice

  • Ann

    You can use your Costco card to access the pump, they take all debit cards. So, you can get gas without the Costco credit card. And….Costco is dumbing amex for visa, so if you want a Costco cc….wait!

  • TheCalvinator

    Re Instant Rebates, they’re automatically taken at the register, you don’t need a coupon.
    Re meat: My experience is that the sell-by date is tomorrow or sooner… cutting it too close for me to buy in bulk and freeze.
    Re returns: I’ve returned an unopened water filter that lay forgotten in my garage for nearly a year. No receipt, no problem.
    Re gasoline: The pumps at Carlsbad take Costco cards only

  • Rosalind

    The picture of “Action Alley” is misplaced. In my opinion the very Best deal at Costco is the price of a good book. They have most Bestsellers, many in hardback. Even coupons and book “rewards” at national bookstores cannot compare to Costco’s (or Sam’s, for that matter) fabulous discounts on books.

    • 1digger

      The book prices are usually a good deal but they’re also alongside the DVD’s and Blueray’s which can often be found elsewhere at a lower price.

  • lee cousins

    The food court ; yum, yum, yum, cheap. cheap. cheap.

  • brian

    Costco sells soon to be discontinued for manufactures stock in electronics, it will be a manufactures blowout if its in Costco cameras,gps and tvs. Been burned so many times. 40% cheaper in 2 months for newer version of the new product. They buy end of inventory from company’s that need to liquidate for new products. Foods one thing the rest is inventory blow out.

    • 1digger

      Your claim couldn’t be further from the truth. Manufacturers often produce ‘off number’ items for Costco that are exactly like those you can purchase online or in stores; the only difference is it’s produced for Costco with a different production code.

  • Gruntled Costco Member

    The entrances at Costco are not all the same. Some are on the right side and some are on the left side. The store in Wilmington, NC is laid out exactly opposite of the Raleigh and Greensboro stores. I can’t shop at the Wilmington location…I get dizzy and disoriented because I’m too accustomed to the normal stores.
    Also – buying tires from Costco was a huge mistake. You can’t get them w/ regular air. They only put nitrogen in them so you have to go back to Costco every time your tires get low and the staff at the garage will ignore you, so you have to fill your tires yourself. If you want your tires rotated at the Raleigh store, be prepared to wait about 5 hours on a weekday during the day. It’s too far for me to go whenever my tires get low on nitrogen.
    You’ll have to install your car battery yourself, if you buy it from Costco and then take your old battery back. So you essentially have to do it in their parking lot.
    On the plus side, they’ll take anything back anytime…even w/out a receipt. At least that’s what the service desk has told me and that’s been what I’ve experienced.

  • t.m.m.

    why can’t they be filled with air?

  • Sal_Bal

    I guess we are so naive we need someone to tell us how to shop. After all these are “Secrets” known by millions.

  • Tong Vo

    In the Nepean store they didn’t show, what clothes are discount. You need to compare the price on the sign with the ticket price from the clothes to find out. I’ve returned an unopened wiper blade that lay forgotten in my garage. No receipt, no problem.

  • AngelS

    Oue local Costcos do not discount seasonal items but those items are totally gone immediately after the holiday. I think they may be sent back to the distributor.