10 Best Fitness Apps to Replace Your Gym Membership

Try these workout apps instead spending money on gym membership.
  • Matt Perkins

    FatSecret is not even a top 3 weight loss app. FatSecret is a dumbed down version of MyFitnessPal. It’s basically MyFitnessPal with a smaller food database, worse scanner and less information. The best weight loss apps are 1. Lose It 2. MyFitnessPal and 3. Noom. Lose it is best for those who don’t like to exercise and who do daily weigh-ins. MyFitnessPal is for those who exercise more (you don’t get enough calories with MFP if you don’t exercise) and for those who don’t wanna manually enter food. While Noom lets you know how healthy the food you eat is. FatSecret at best is top 10. Fooducate is better than FatSecret and Fooducate is more about shopping for healthier alternatives not losing weight.

  • James

    MY Fitness pal is where it’s at. That thing is really comprehensive… I can set weight loss goals, track my food journal and everything without spending a dime. only thing I wish it had was calories burned on strength training, but that’s really hard to lock a figure down for.