Which States Have the Lowest Gas Prices Right Now?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by WILL OLIVER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (11903022a)A general view of a gas station affected by shortages in Washington DC, USA, 13 May 2021.

Although the Colonial Pipeline has been restored after the cyberattack and fuel is (mostly) flowing freely – some southeastern states are still experiencing a gas shortage and fuel prices may not drop by as much as expected in the coming weeks, ABC News reports.

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The app Gas Buddy showed that 31% of Virginia gas stations, for instance, are still without fuel as of Monday, which is keeping prices high. Business Expert Nancy Hubbard of the University of Lynchburg (VA), told the Virginia ABC News affiliate that gas prices may drop slightly, but not more than 5 or 10 cents per gallon, based on historical data.

She explained, “Gas always goes up in the summer simply because the blend that is used is more expensive than the winter blend.” Additionally, she pointed to 2019 prices, where gas average $2.89 per gallon through May, based on statistics from AAA.

To contrast, however, last May gas had dropped as low as $1.06 per gallon as a result of decreased demand during one of the roughest months of the pandemic.

The national average gas price reached a high six-year high of $3.04 last weekend, according to AAA statistics, up from last month’s average of $2.87. Last weekend’s prices are still a full dollar and change lower than the record highs of 2008, when gas reached $4.11 per gallon in mid-July.

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Southern and Midwest states have some of the lowest prices in the country right now, with gas in Louisiana and Mississippi at $2.72. Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri drivers are paying just $2.76.

Surprisingly, states most affected by the pipeline are paying just around $3 per gallon, while states on the West Coast, including California, are paying up to $4.13, according to AAA.

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If you’re planning a long-distance trip for the holiday weekend, you may want to plan to stop and top off your tank when you reach states where gas costs less.

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