Uber One: What Is It and Is It Worth the Subscription Fee?

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Uber, which originated as a small startup in 2009, has seen significant growth in the past decade-plus. Part of that growth has been branching out into incentive programs to encourage new users to sign up for its services and to encourage existing customers to take advantage of special offers, such as the original Uber Rewards program, which ran from 2018 until 2022.

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However, there’s a new program that replaced Uber Rewards. It’s intended to entice customers who use both Uber for transportation and Uber Eats for delivery. But what are the benefits of joining Uber One, and is the subscription fee worth it? Keep reading for a more in-depth look at this incentive program.

From Uber Rewards to Uber One

Uber Rewards followed a frequent-flyer model that allowed repeat riders to earn points for every dollar spent on rides or Uber Eats deliveries. Riders could then use those points to get discounts on future rides or deliveries.

A little over a year after launching its Uber One program, Uber discontinued Uber Rewards in favor of the new model. Unlike Uber Rewards, Uber One lacks status tiers and points. Instead, it offers benefits on Uber rides and Uber Eats meal deliveries for a flat fee.

So What Is Uber One?

Uber One is a subscription-based program aimed at frequent Uber riders and Uber Eats users. For a monthly or annual fee, members can enjoy benefits such as zero delivery fees on qualifying Uber Eats orders over $15 and priority service on rides, among other benefits. Importantly, the program extends its benefits to all customers across the countries in which it is available.

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The subscription price is $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually.

Is It Worth Getting an Uber One Membership?

Some people wonder whether Uber One exists or is “still a thing.” It definitely is, but is it worth it? As with many things in life, the answer is that it depends. The value you get from an Uber One membership largely depends on how often you use Uber’s services.

If you’re someone who frequently uses Uber for a quick and convenient ride across town or fires up Uber Eats to order a quick bite (or even groceries from a wide variety of supermarkets and convenience stores) when you don’t feel like going out to get it yourself, you’re likely to save more than the cost of the subscription fee.

Do you sometimes go the route of DoorDash or Instacart? And what about when hailing a ride? Do you sometimes opt for Lyft instead?

It’s all about whether the subscription fee balances out what you would end up paying without the subscription. If you use other ridesharing or grocery-delivery services, you might just be wasting money — unless you’re a heavy user of Uber’s services as well. It may not be worth it if you use Uber or Uber Eats only occasionally — say, less often than once or twice a month.

Does Uber One Give You Cheaper Rides?

Yes, it does! That’s one of its primary benefits. As an Uber One member, you get a 5% discount on eligible rideshare services and a variety of orders, including food, groceries, alcohol and more. You also receive priority service, which ensures that only the best-rated Uber drivers are assigned to your rides.

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You can even use Uber’s eco-friendly Uber Green option to book a hybrid or electric ride and save a few bucks while you help save the planet.

However, it’s important to note that Uber’s priority service doesn’t apply to any shared or local cab rides you might book using the app. Be sure your trip is eligible before you confirm the details if the perks are important to you. 

What Are the Other Benefits?

For regular Uber users, they’re pretty good. Uber One offers a 5% discount on meals from Uber Eats, in addition to all the benefits given to rideshare users. It also provides unlimited zero-fee delivery on all eligible Uber Eats orders and all orders over $15 (which, let’s be honest, is most of them). With restaurant delivery and service fees continuing to climb, that perk alone could justify the subscription price for most people.

If your delivery gets to you later than Uber’s Latest Arrival forecast, you get a cool $5 Uber Cash reward, guaranteed, which you can put toward future orders or rides. Uber Cash isn’t the same as regular cash, but it’s almost as good.

Uber One members also get exclusive access to things like premium member support, member-only special offers, limited-time promotions and “invite-only experiences” that Uber occasionally runs as a way of saying “thank you” to Uber One members.

How Do I Buy Uber One?

It really couldn’t be easier. You can buy an Uber One membership by using one of two platforms: the Uber mobile app or Uber’s official website.

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To see if the subscription is available, just open the Uber app on your mobile device. If Uber One is available in your location, you’ll be able to find it in your account settings. From there, you can choose to enroll in the Uber One program with one click. The same process applies to the website. Simply log into your account and navigate to the settings menu to see if Uber One is an option.

There’s an important caveat here — it may not be available for everyone. Uber One availability is subject to the region or country you’re in. If Uber One is available in your area, the option will be prominent in your account settings in the Uber app or after you log in to the company’s website. If you can see it, you can get it. Good news, right?

Is Uber One Easy To Cancel?

If you find that you’re not using Uber One often to get priority service on rides or free deliveries on eligible orders, you can easily cancel your Uber One membership at any time. It’s a similar process to signing up. Just access your account settings in the app or on the website and cancel your account. It’s important to read the cancellation policy to be aware of any potential charges or penalties. Happy Ubering!

Information is accurate as of Aug. 11, 2023. 

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