The Hunger Games Investment Series — Which Panem District Will be the Victor?

the hunger games

In the not-so-distant future, North America is destroyed and Panem emerges in its place — 13 districts under the oppressive rule of the Capitol. In an effort to remind the citizens of Panem that disobedience leads to the obliteration of District 13 (supposedly), adolescents from each district are chosen to battle to the death — in front of all of Panem on TV — in what are known as the Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games may be a fictional tale, but now that the first book in the young adult trilogy by Suzanne Collins is being released as a film on March 23rd, we can’t help but join in the Hunger Games fever and imagine what it would be like to participate in the Panem stock market.

So we want to know: If Panem were a real country, and the districts were equivalent to today’s modern industries, which investment would come out on top? While the human tributes get ready to battle to the death on screen, we’ll be choosing stocks to battle it out on

Vote for Your Favorite Hunger Games District!

We’re also encouraging readers to vote for their favorite district in the hopes of it winning the Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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The Hunger Games

Hunger Games Tributes

The Hunger Games characters that fight against each other are known as the “tributes.” On the Day of Reaping, the Capitol selects a male and female tribute from each district who compete in the Hunger Games.

For our investments series, we pick two tributes from each district to battle it out, except instead of people, the tributes are stocks. One stock that is considered to be an attractive future investment is compared against one that is likely to be a loser. Of course, some districts have much stronger “top performers” than others.

Hunger Games Districts — Find Out Which Stocks Are the Best and Worst in Each

Below are the 13 Districts that make up Panem. Each day, we will feature a new district and examine the two opposing stock tributes chosen. Check back on the day we feature your favorite district to see how it compares to the rest, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite above.

March 11 — District 1: Luxury
March 12 — District 2: Stone Mining
March 13 — District 3: Technology
March 14 — District 4: Fishing
March 15 — District 5: Power
March 16 — District 6: Transportation
March 17 — District 7: Lumber
March 18 — District 8: Textiles
March 19 — District 9: Grain
March 20 — District 10: Livestock
March 21 — District 11: Agriculture
March 22 — District 12: Coal Mining
March 23 — District 13: Graphite & Nuclear Science

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