SNAP Schedule: New York Food Stamps Benefits for September 2022

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SNAP provides food-purchasing assistance to low-income working people, senior citizens and the disabled. In New York, SNAP is administered by two different agencies: the Department of Social Services Human Resources Administration is in charge of SNAP benefits in New York City and the New York Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance in the rest of the state.

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Because there are two different agencies in charge of SNAP benefits, New York has two SNAP schedules. Your specific SNAP schedule depends on where you live.

Benefits are paid out monthly to SNAP accounts linked to EBT cards, which can be used to purchase most food items at grocery stores, some retail locations and farmers’ markets. You can also shop for fresh produce and groceries online at participating stores.

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To check your eligibility for SNAP outside of NYC, you must apply for benefits. You can apply for New York SNAP through or print and mail (or fax) the SNAP application to your local department of social services. If you live in New York City, you can apply through the online portal ACCESS HRA. You can also pick up an application at your nearest SNAP center or call the NYC Infoline at 718-557-1399 to have an application mailed to you.

SNAP in New York has two different schedules. Outside of NYC, benefits are sent out over the first nine days of every month based on the last digit of your case number.

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Here is the September 2022 payment schedule for New York State, excluding the five boroughs of New York City:

Case Number Ending In:Deposit Date:
0 or 1Sept. 1st
2Sept. 2nd
3Sept. 3rd
4Sept. 4th
5Sept. 5th
6Sept. 6th
7Sept. 7th
8Sept. 8th
9Sept. 9th
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In NYC, benefits are sent out during the first two weeks of each month, excluding Sundays and holidays. The actual dates change from one month to the next, but the city’s SNAP agency publishes a six-month schedule showing the exact dates for each month. You can check your current schedule by phone at (888) 328-6399. You will need to provide your 19-digit card number.

Here is the September 2022 SNAP schedule for NYC:

Toe Number:Payment Date:
0Sept. 1st
1Sept. 2nd
2Sept. 6th
3Sept. 7th
4Sept. 8th
5Sept. 9th
6Sept. 12th
7Sept. 13th
8Sept. 14th
9Sept. 15th

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