How I Save Money on Halloween Candy

This mom knows how to give the kids what they want — for cheap.

My family lives in a community where we get hundreds of trick-or-treaters. Each year, I could easily spend $100 on Halloween candy and still run out before the end of the night. That is why I decided to get serious about cutting our Halloween costs.

I have found several simple ways to save money on Halloween candy so that I have enough for all of our trick-or-treaters. Here are seven methods, in particular, that I use to make sure the neighborhood kids don’t run out of sugar — and I don’t run out of cash.

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Shop Early

Stores have sales on candy throughout the weeks leading up to Halloween. By starting early to shop for candy, I am able to take advantage of best candy deals going on at various stores. I keep an eye out for candy sales in store circulars, and I am sure to snag a bag or two when I see candy being offered at a great price. Doing it this way, I even have enough money left over to pick up a few inexpensive allergy-friendly treats for trick-or-treaters, as well.

Use Coupons

Pairing a coupon with a sale is an even better way to save on brand-name Halloween candy. Starting in September, I clip any coupons that I spot for candy in the newspaper or online. I have my stash of coupons with me when I’m checking store circulars or shopping. That way, I can match my coupons with any candy sales going on and maximize savings.

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Buy in Bulk

Buying a 100-piece bag of Halloween candy is usually a better deal than buying five 20-piece bags.

Notice I said “usually.” There are times, especially when there is a sale on the smaller size bags, that buying multiple smaller bags is the way to go. Before I buy in bulk, I always use some simple division to compare the price per piece of candy to decide which size bag is the better deal.

Avoid Chocolate

Chocolate is the most expensive type of Halloween candy. Non-chocolate treats such as lollipops and chewy candies are often much more affordable, making them a smarter choice.

Avoid Our Favorites

Along with avoiding chocolate, I avoid buying the candy my family loves. Although it is tempting to fill the candy bowl with our favorite treats, keeping our favorites out of the house makes it less likely that we eat the candy ourselves in the days leading up to Halloween. The less candy we eat, the more we have for the trick-or-treaters.

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Consider All Candy

I do not limit my shopping to the bags of candy marketed for Halloween. Candy packaged without the pumpkins and ghosts on them are just as good, and often more affordable, too. So, in addition to visiting the seasonal aisle, I make it a point to take a trip down the regular candy aisle as well.

Check the Dollar Store

Dollar stores often carry bags of brand-name candy that are perfect for handing out on Halloween. But, it is important to take a look at the amount of candy in each bag before purchasing, because the dollar store isn’t always the better deal.

There are exceptions to all of these money-saving practices. Sometimes I can pair a coupon with a store sale and get a brand-name bag of chocolate candy for less than I would pay for a bag of off-brand lollipops at the dollar store. That is why it is important to always do the math and check the price per piece of candy to make sure that you are really getting a good deal.

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