Travel Experts Reveal the Best Ways to Save for Vacation

Save on travel costs with these tips from vacation pros.
  • Nanci Felthauser

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  • RGrayling

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  • Elyssa Kirkham

    On No. 6, I flew to Iceland recently and learned through their in-flight ads that those flying to Europe can get up to a week layover on the island for no additional cost. Which is great because I’d LOVE to go back the next time I’m en route to a Euro trip.

  • AbigailP

    You may want to be careful about the “connecting city” tip. I’ve heard that airlines are actually cracking down on people who do this. Not sure why. Probably because then there’s an empty seat that they could have gotten money for. I’m not sure how well they could track it, but if I recall, some were considering penalties. Ridiculous, but I’d check with the airline.