Discount Stores Can Help You to Save Money

Dollar store chains have been around for decades but have lately become more popular due to recent economic trends. Many people have shied away from discount store shopping because there used to be a negative stigma about discounted food, toiletries, cleaning supplies and other necessities. But taking away that stigma you can take advantage of huge savings that discounted stores offer.

One such popular chain is the West Coast’s .99 Only Stores. The experiences there vary according to location and day of the week. Mondays tend to be the best day, as the shelves are restocked with newly delivered items, and often well known brand names such as Banquet, Tropicana, Fiber One, and Quaker can be found within the assortment of offerings. But generally their shelves are filled with many generic items.

Dollar stores tend not to advertise their bargains, saving them on their overhead costs that is why they are able to sell products to consumers at discounted prices. While you can get great bargain deals at discount stores – be careful of the pricing. For example, 59 cents worth of table salt at your regular store, will cost .99 cents at a discount store – such as with the case of .99 Only Stores, where every item is priced at .99 cents. So when you shop at a dollar store you’ll be sure to save, but make sure to know the pricing of common items. Also generally items are sold before the expiration date, but sometimes there can be cases where items have been long expired.

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