I’m a Millionaire Who Shops at Costco: Here’s What I Buy

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It’s easy to imagine that millionaires prefer to buy all the luxury items their income affords. It seems like they’d probably pay for people to shop and prepare their food, too — but in truth, that sort of thinking is incorrect.

Millionaires are often some of the most frugal people around, because they know just how hard they have to work to make and maintain their level of income. Costco, the wholesale retailer of everything from food to furniture, is a favorite choice even for millionaires, because of its affordability and convenience.

We spoke to two millionaires about their favorite Costco products and why they shop there: Fawn Bowe, a skincare enthusiast and self-made millionaire behind Skincare Stacy and biöm, who considers herself a “proud Costco Black Card-carrying member.” And Joseph Harisson, CEO of IT Companies Network and a seasoned IT expert with a diverse background in technology, who said, “I appreciate the convenience of shopping at Costco, as I can find everything I need in one place, from groceries to electronics to clothing.”

Grass Fed Sirloin by Cuisine Solutions

Bowe said of her five favorite items at Costco, the first is the grass fed sirloin, by Cuisine Solutions. She likes it “because it’s high in protein, low on calories and cooks in my air fryer in just 6 minutes at 400F.”

Make Your Money Work for You

Each box lasts her 4 to 5 meals. “I often like to heat up some steak and throw it in a bowl with the Kale Salad Mix from Costco for an easy and nutritious meal,” she said.

Grilled Chicken Strips by Soules 

These chicken strips are perfect for throwing in some pasta or making a quick quesadilla, Bowe said. “I use the Siesta Almond Flour Tortillas…heat up my chicken, add some shredded cheese and then sear the tortilla with everything in it until golden brown.” Each bag of chicken strips lasts for about four meals, she explained.

Kirkland Greek Yogurt

Bowe said she also never leaves Costco without a tub or two of the Kirkland brand Greek yogurt. “I like adding two servings to a bowl and mixing in a scoop of protein powder for an easy breakfast that keeps me full for hours,” she said.

Kirkland Chicken Breast Filets

“From the frozen section, the Kirkland brand chicken breast filets are amazing to make a nice dinner in a pinch,” Bowe shared. She throws them in her air fryer at 370 degrees for 17 minutes, and then tops them with some Rao’s pasta sauce and mozzarella, which she also purchases at Costco. “It’ll be the easiest Chicken Parmesan dupe you’ve ever made. Each bag comes with 10 to 12 filets, so it lasts me a while.”


Millionaires don’t all pay a chef to prepare food for them. Joseph Harisson buys a lot of his food at Costco, including produce. “Costco’s produce is fresh and high-quality, and it is often cheaper than produce at other stores.”

Make Your Money Work for You


Harisson also finds Costco’s meat to be high-quality and affordable. Similar to Bowe, he likes “to buy bulk packages of chicken and ground beef, as they are convenient and cost-effective.”

Dairy Products

Costco’s dairy products are also a great value, Harisson explained. “I buy milk, cheese and yogurt in bulk at Costco to save money.”

Household Items 

Bowe buys her household items, like paper towels and laundry detergent at Costco. “I think I paid maybe $20 for a giant bag of Bounty over the summer and I’m still not fully through it yet!” she said. “When you’re busy running multiple businesses like me, it’s so convenient to do your shopping in bulk once a month and not have to worry about it.”

Like Bowe, Harisson takes advantage of Costco’s wide variety of household items, such as cleaning supplies, paper products and toiletries. “I often buy these items in bulk at Costco to save money and time.”


Harisson often purchases electronics at Costco too, since they sell a wide variety, including TVs, laptops and smartphones. “I have found that Costco often has competitive prices on electronics,” he said.


Harisson said he is not too rich to buy humble clothing. “I appreciate that Costco sells clothing from both name brands and private labels,” he added.

Why Costco?

For a busy business woman like Bowe, shopping at Costco is not just about the cost-savings but also about the convenience of shopping in bulk and getting nutritious food that is quick and easy to cook.

And despite his hearty income of over a million dollars per year, Harisson says he still shops at Costco because:

  • Cost savings: Costco offers competitive prices on a wide variety of products. I have found that I can save a significant amount of money by shopping at Costco.
  • High-quality products: Costco’s products are high-quality and reliable. I have been very satisfied with the products I have purchased from Costco.
  • Convenience: Costco is a one-stop shop for all of my shopping needs. I can find everything I need at Costco, from groceries to electronics to clothing.
  • Customer service: Costco has excellent customer service. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to assist customers.

In addition to the savings, Harisson appreciates Costco’s commitment to sustainability.

“Costco is committed to reducing its environmental impact, and it sources products from sustainable suppliers,” Harisson explained. “Costco also offers a variety of sustainable products, such as energy-efficient appliances and organic food.”

As you can see, both millionaires are very satisfied with their Costco shopping experiences.

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