Mint Mobile’s Black Friday Offer Gives You 3 Months of Service When You Buy 3

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Mint Mobile has claimed to overhaul virtually everything about the wireless industry. The company has reduced prices and made it easier to buy a smartphone without leaving your home, all while getting reliable service through the Mint Mobile network, which is actually powered by T-Mobile.

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Last month, GOBankingRates reported that the company was offering a brand-new Google Pixel 7 Pro phone for $400 off, along with six months of free service with any 6-month or 12-month plan.

But Mint Mobile’s latest Black Friday deal may be harder to resist than spokesperson and owner Ryan Reynolds, himself. New users who may be uncertain about switching carriers may find this offer especially enticing.

From Nov. 14, 2022, through Jan. 15, 2023, you’ll get three months free when you purchase any 3-month service plan. Your choices include:

  • 4GB per month for $15
  • 10GB per month for $20
  • 15GB per month for $25
  • Unlimited / 35GB for $30
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All plans have unlimited talk and text and data is available in 5G or 4G, whichever coverage is stronger in your area at the time. You’ll receive a free 3-in-1 SIM card to bring your old phone to Mint Mobile.

Your Mint Mobile purchase may also apply for cash back from Rakuten and SB from SwagBucks, delivering even more value.

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If you’re sure you’re going to love Mint Mobile and would also like a new phone, you may want to consider the 6-month plan with 6 months free when you purchase a new smartphone. Models include the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Google Pixel phones.

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