Want to Travel Solo? Sally Elbassir Has Your Cost-Saving Tips

Take the fear out of your next adventure.

Smart Money Squad member Sally Elbassir has been traveling, eating and writing about both for most of her life. Born in Ireland and raised in the United States, she’s seen how getting out into the world can help you experience cultures, try new foods and generally get more out of life.

However, for some, not having a reliable travel companion can keep them from venturing out into the world and doing all the traveling they would like. Going it alone can be intimidating, and some may wonder if they’ll be able to enjoy themselves without someone with whom to share the experience. Not to mention, not having someone to split the cost of hotels and meals with can mean a much more expensive proposition than traveling in a group.

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Fortunately, Elbassir has done more than her fair share of solo traveling and has some helpful pointers to make taking a trip on your own something that can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly inexpensive. So, read on to see what Elbassir suggests to ensure that your solo journey is a lot of fun without being too expensive.

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Tip No. 1: You Do You

“Traveling solo is really if you’re a little bit selfish,” says Elbassir. “Because you get to do everything on your own terms.”

Tip No. 2: Choose the Right Destination for Your Wallet

“Number one is choosing budget-friendly destinations,” says Elbassir. “Some really popular places are South East Asia, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central America, if you’re a little bit more daring.”

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Tip No. 3: Your Hostel Doesn’t Have to Be Hostile

“There’s been a huge emphasis on what they call boutique, design or eco-friendly hostels,” says Elbassir. “These are all just as nice as your average boutique hotel, but they’re budget-friendly, and they’re great ways to meet people.”

Tip No. 4: Avoid Peak Season

“It’s much better for your budget,” says Elbassir. “There are still people that are traveling and you can enjoy the city without competing with other tourists.”

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Tip No. 5: Take a Free Walking Tour

“My favorite thing to do … as soon as I get to a new city is go on a free walking tour, because it gives you a great overview of the history and the cool sites in the city itself,” says Elbassir. “But, always buy a SIM card. There’s no price point on safety, in my opinion.”

Tip No. 6: Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Experiencing the World

“I understand that it’s scary to solo travel,” says Elbassir. “I was scared to do it the first time. Just don’t let your fears hold you back; it could be a really great adventure.”

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Want to Travel Solo? Sally Elbassir Has Your Cost-Saving Tips
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