Here’s Your MCU Routing Number

See how to easily find your MCU routing number.

Whether you need to make a payment over the phone or pay a bill online, it’s hard to conduct any transaction without a routing number. If you’re trying to hunt down your Municipal Credit Union routing number, look no further. For those who bank with MCU Financial Center Credit Union, finding and knowing your MCU routing number is simple. Although most banks and credit unions often have multiple routing numbers based on location and transaction type, the Wisconsin-based credit union has one universal routing number for its customers:

MCU Financial Center Credit Union Routing Number

To locate your routing number in seconds, you can visit the institution’s website, log in to your account, call a representative to assist you or take a look at one of your personal checks. Your MCU routing number should be the first nine digits at the bottom of your check to the left of your bank account number.

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What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number — often referred to as an RTN or ABA number — is a set of numbers used to locate a specific financial institution and where a customer first opened his or her account. In other words, it’s the virtual address for your bank. Because routing numbers help accurately and securely identify your bank, it is often requested and required when making a transaction that is not in person.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

The first four digits represent the bank’s physical location, the next four digits indicate the financial intuition itself and the last digit validates the routing number.

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Do You Need a Routing Number for Wire Transfers?

Most banks and credit unions have different routing numbers based on bank-to-bank transactions such as wire transfers and automated clearing house (ACH) transfers. Although both transaction types require communication between two financial institutions, ACH transfers generally take longer to complete and have lower fees. In order to send money through a wire domestic wire transfer, you will need to have: the person’s name and address, personal bank account number, bank routing number and the name and address of the bank to which you are sending the money.

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For international wire transfers, however, you need to have a SWIFT code. The SWIFT code is similar to a routing number in that it identifies the location of international banks. MCU has a separate routing number for wire transfers, which is disclosed only to its members.

Keep reading to learn how to wire money.

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