Here’s Your RBFCU Routing Number

Find your Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union routing number.

You probably know your Social Security number. You might even know your checking account number. But you probably don’t know your bank routing number, and you might need it to make a payment online or by phone. In addition, you’ll need your routing number if you need to transfer money internationally so that banks will know exactly where your money is coming from.

RBFCU Routing Number

The RBFCU routing number is: 314089681.

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit number also known as the Association Routing Transit Number, or ABA number. Its job is to tell a financial institution where money transactions need to go to get processed — think of it as an address. Some banks have multiple routing numbers, but RBFCU routing has only one.

Two kinds of routing numbers exist: ABA and ACH. The ABA routing number is for checks and the ACH number is for electronic withdrawals and transfers. That said, most banks use the same number for both today.

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How Do You Find Your RBFCU Routing Number?

If you’re a Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union customer or are transferring money to an RBFCU account, RBFCU has only one routing number that you’ll need to use: 314089681. If you need to know it at any time, you can find it by calling customer service at 800-580-3300 or you can find your routing number on your check in the bottom left corner.

What Do the Numbers Stand For?

The first two routing numbers identify the type of financial institution and the second two identify the Federal Reserve Bank district branch. The next four numbers show the financial institution where the customer holds their checking account and the last number identifies the single check digit.

Does RBFCU Have a Different Routing Number for International Wire Transfers?

Banks use a SWIFT code — also known as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code — to identify financial institutions globally, and that code differs from a routing number. The code identifies the institution and where it is. You might need a SWIFT code to transfer money between banks, particularly international transfers.

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Because Randolph-Brooks FCU does not have a SWIFT code, you might not be able to receive international wire transfers directly. Smaller financial institutions typically don’t have SWIFT codes; instead, they use intermediary banks — which are typically large multinational institutions that have agreements with top global banks — to facilitate international wire transfers. If you want to receive an international wire transfer at RBFCU, the sender must identify a corresponding U.S. bank and wire the money there, then that institution will use the RBFCU routing number to complete a domestic transfer.

Click through to read more about the best way to send money internationally.

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Here’s Your RBFCU Routing Number
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