20 Best Free Business Checking Accounts

Compare business checking accounts to see which has the most to offer your company.

When operating your own small business, every penny counts. You probably don’t want to incur a fee month after month in order to write checks for supplies or pay your employees. You also don’t want be subject to any hidden fees. GOBankingRates surveyed financial institutions to help you find the best small business checking accounts for your company — checking accounts that are truly free.

Here are the 20 best free checking accounts:


20 Best Free Business Checking Accounts 
Free Business Checking AccountMin. DepositFree Monthly TransactionsCustomer Service:
Live Chat or 24/7 Phone 
How to Apply
LibertyBank logo 2017 iconLiberty Bank PayBack Business Checking$25UnlimitedNo, NoLearn More
BBVA ClearConnect$100UnlimitedNo, NoLearn More
BremerBank logo 2017 iconBremer Bank Bremer Classic Business Banking$100UnlimitedNo, NoLearn More
Great Western logo 2017Great Western Bank Primary Business Checking$0300 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
FirstBankFirstBank Free Business Checking$0150 transactionsYes, NoLearn More
BNCNationalBank logo 2017 iconBNC National Bank Free Business Checking$501,000 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
FirstNationalBankOmaha logo 2017 iconFirst National Bank of Omaha Business Free Checking$0150 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
IberiaBank logo 2017 iconIberia Bank Free Business Checking$100500 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
ANBBank 2017ANB Bank Business Free Checking$25150 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
Flagstar bank logoFlagstar Bank SimplyBusiness Checking$50200 transactionsNo, YesLearn More
HancockWhitneyBank logo 2017 iconHancock Whitney Bank Essential Checking$50100 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
Comerica Bank logo 2017Comerica Bank Basic Business Checking$5075 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
Old National Bank logo 2017Old National Bank Free Business Checking$50200 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
BankoftheOzarks logo 2017 iconBank of the Ozarks Free Small Business Checking$100250 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
BankofInternetUSA logo 2017 iconBank of Internet USA Basic Business Checking$1,000200 transactionsYes, YesLearn More
Ameris Bank 2017 Logo IconAmeris Bank Business Checking$100200 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
Zions Bank Logo 2017 iconZions Bank Basic Business Checking$100150 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
First Citizens logo 2017First Citizens Bank & Trust Company’s Basic Business Checking$100175 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
Arvest Bank Free Small Business Checking$100100 transactionsNo, NoLearn More
CathayBank logo 2017 iconCathay Bank Business Checking$20050 transactionsNo, NoLearn More

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Best Free Business Checking Accounts

None of these accounts charges a monthly fee, and each offers free online banking. Here are more details on the 20 best free checking accounts:

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Liberty Bank PayBack Business Checking

Offering unlimited transactions at no additional cost and a low minimum $25 deposit requirement, Liberty Bank’s PayBack Business Checking account is one of the best. Customers get a complimentary Business MasterCard debit card with no ATM fees. Liberty will even refund your account for any ATM fees that were charged to you by another bank.

Additional features include:

  • Complimentary eStatements for quickly reconciling your account
  • 24-hour LibertyLine telephone banking
  • Free BizLink Online Banking with bill pay
  • Live customer service access six days a week

BBVA ClearConnect

Consider BBVA’s ClearConnect account when searching for the best free business checking account. You’ll never have to worry about paying debit or ATM fees, and there’s no minimum monthly account balance requirements to worry about. The bank provides up to three complimentary, personalized Visa Business debit cards, as well as free bill pay and five in-branch withdrawals per month at no extra cost.

Additional features include:

  • Checks discounted by 50 percent
  • One free wire each month
  • One Overdraft Fee Forgiveness Refund per year
  • Unlimited no-cost digital transactions
  • Free account alerts

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Bremer Bank Bremer Classic Business Banking

If your small business is just starting out or you’re just looking for a simple free checking account, then the Bremer Class Business Banking account is your best bet. You’ll enjoy not having any minimum balance requirements and never having to pay monthly service charges. The company also offers online banking, mobile banking and bill pay plans that you can add to your basic business checking plan.

Additional features include:

  • No charge when using MoneyPass ATMs
  • Free Business MasterCard debit card
  • Interest earned on balances over $500

Great Western Bank Primary Business Checking

Great Western Bank’s Primary Business Checking scores points for having no minimum monthly balance requirements and no monthly service fees. The bank does charge $4.95 for paper statements, though. Customers can avoid this fee each billing cycle by signing up for electronic statements instead. Another way to save is to take advantage of phone banking, which is provided for free.

Additional features include:

  • Complimentary bill pay
  • No charge for in-network ATM usage
  • Free access to Visa Checkout
  • 300 free transactions per month

FirstBank Free Business Checking

FirstBank’s Free Business Checking customers are welcome to do business at any of their 115 branches or 200 ATMs. The free business checking account includes online banking, which is complimentary when you sign up for eStatements. No minimum monthly balance is required and you’ll pay no service charges. Customers are also allowed to make 150 transactions per month without incurring any fees.

Additional features include:

  • 24-hour banking by phone
  • Text and email alerts
  • Mobile app with mobile deposit and Apple Pay

BNC National Bank Free Business Checking

Choosing to open a BNC National Bank’s Free Business Checking account means you’re eligible for a complimentary gift. The account never charges a monthly service fee and doesn’t have any minimum balance requirements. The bank will even buy back any old checks or debits cards you no longer need. Customers who wish to keep their accounts fee-free must insure they don’t go over 1,000 transactions each cycle or deposit more than $10,000 per month.

Additional features include:

  • Free business checking online with bill pay
  • Visa Business debit card
  • No charge for monthly statements

First National Bank of Omaha Business Free Checking

First National Bank of Omaha’s Business Free Checking account has no minimum deposit requirements to open an account. Customers are also not held to any minimum balance each cycle, although they’re charged a $0.25 per item fee after the first complimentary 150 free transactions of the month have been made.

Additional features include:

  • $200 credit for mortgage closing costs
  • Complimentary account alerts
  • Free online banking with bill pay

Iberia Bank Free Business Checking

With no monthly service fee and no minimum balance requirements, Iberia Bank’s Free Business Checking is an attractive option. Customers only need $100 to open an account, which comes with free eStatements for easy account management.

Business owners will also love the fact that by opening a free small business checking account they’re eligible to have all fees waived on up to two personal checking accounts. Each cycle, up to 500 transactions and $10,000 in deposits are permitted within the business checking account at no extra cost.

Additional features include:

  • Free Visa Business debit card
  • Complimentary online banking with bill pay
  • Free email alerts
  • Complimentary mobile and text banking

ANB Bank Business Free Checking

ANB Bank’s Business Free Checking account can be opened with as little as $25. After that there are no monthly service charges. Customers are welcome to make up to 150 transactions for free, however, transactions above that are $0.50 per item. The bank does charge $5 for every paper statement fee, but you can avoid this fee by signing up for free eStatements.

Additional features include:

  • Complimentary business debit card
  • Free check safekeeping
  • Complimentary eStatements
  • No ATM fees

Flagstar Bank SimplyBusiness Checking

FDIC-insured Flagstar Bank’s SimplyBusiness Checking gives customers a sense of security. The plan offers a break from minimum monthly balance requirements and monthly maintenance fees. Customers can open an account with a $50 deposit and make as many as 200 transactions per cycle without incurring any fees. Monthly statements are free, including images of your checks.

Additional features include:

  • 24-hour telephone banking
  • Complimentary Visa debit card
  • Bounce protection

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Hancock Whitney Bank Essential Checking

Small businesses that keep lower account balances and don’t encounter a large number of transactions per month would do well with the Hancock Whitney Bank Essential Checking account. The plan has no monthly service fees and allows for 100 transactions and deposits of up to $5,000 a month. Electronic statements are complimentary, but paper statements cost $3 each. Customers also have the option of adding overdraft protection through either a savings account or business line of credit.

Additional features include:

  • Visa debit card with Apple Pay access
  • Customer service six days per week
  • Overdraft protection when linking to a business line of credit
  • 10 percent discount on your first order of checks
  • Email notifications

Comerica Bank Basic Business Checking

No monthly maintenance requirements and zero monthly service charges puts Comerica Bank’s Basic Business Checking plan on the best business checking accounts list. This bank is ideal for small businesses that have less than 75 transactions a month and deposit less than $2,500 each cycle. Customers will love the fee-free Comerica Web Banking for Small Business. With each account comes one year of complimentary Comerica Web Bill Pay. After that the service costs $6.95 month.

Additional features include:

  • Free Comerica business debit card
  • Credit card and payroll processing

Old National Bank Free Business Checking

The Old National Bank’s Free Business Checking comes with a free Business debit card. This card has a  number of benefits that make the account extremely attractive. First, customers will enjoy the Visa SavingsEdge that lets you earn cash back on qualifying purchases. Second, when using the debit card, you’ll have zero liability protection against fraudulent use of your card. Third, you’ll have complimentary travel and emergency assistance services should you experience trouble like a flat tire or running out of gas. Finally, the card comes with purchase security and extended protection.

Additional features include:

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Online and mobile banking
  • First 200 transactions a month are free

Bank of the Ozarks Free Small Business Checking

Open your Free Small Business Checking account at Bank of the Ozarks with $100 and enjoy zero minimum balance requirements and no monthly service fees. The first 250 transactions on the account each cycle are complimentary with a $0.50 charge for each item above 250. Customers will love the free eStatements, as well as the overdraft protection and the Re$ubmitIt Check Recovery Program.

Additional features include:

  • Instant issue debit card
  • Complimentary mobile banking with remote capture deposit
  • Free online banking with bill pay
  • Merchant processing

Bank of Internet USA Basic Business Checking

Although Bank of Internet USA Basic Business Checking requires a $1,000 opening deposit, it comes with a set of 50 checks at no charge and has zero monthly maintenance fees. The first 200 transactions each month are complimentary with a charge of $0.30 per item after that. Customers will also get 60 free remote transactions per statement cycle.

Additional features include:

  • No charge for in-network ATM usage
  • Complimentary image statements
  • Free bill pay

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Ameris Bank Business Checking

Ameris Bank’s Business Checking account has zero monthly maintenance costs and can be opened with a $100 deposit. Each account gets 200 free transactions each month with a charge of $0.25 for every item over that 200. Customers can also make deposits of up to $10,000 per cycle without any fees. Paper statements cost $2, but eStatements are always free. When you order your first batch of checks, you’ll enjoy a 20 percent discount.

Additional features include:

  • Complimentary online banking with bill pay
  • Automated telephone banking
  • No fees at any Ameris ATM
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Mobile banking with mobile check deposit
  • Free Ameris Bank Visa debit card

Zions Bank Basic Business Checking

Start your Basic Business Checking account at Zions Bank with $100 and then stick to 150 transactions with $5,000 deposits or less and you’ll enjoy free business checking. The account doesn’t have any maintenance fees or monthly maintenance requirements. Paper statements cost $2 each month, but customers can choose complimentary eStatements to keep their accounts free. Every account comes with a business debit card that is linked with Zion’s AmaZing Deals, which allows you to earn cash back on qualifying purchases.

Additional features include:

  • Complimentary online banking
  • Positive Pay fraud protection
  • Merchant and payroll services
  • Option to add overdraft protection

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company Basic Business Checking

No maintenance fees and zero minimum balance requirements make First Citizen’s Bank & Trust Company’s Basic Business Checking worth a look. You can open an account with as little as $100. Up to 175 transactions are free each billing cycle with no charge for deposits up to $5,000.  Customers can access their accounts online using the BOB Advantage. This services makes it a cinch to pay bills and comes with security and fraud protection.

Additional features include:

  • Free use of First Citizens ATMs
  • Complimentary Visa Business debit card
  • Free eStatements

Arvest Bank Free Small Business Checking

Arvest Bank’s Free Small Business Checking doesn’t charge monthly maintenance fees and offers the option to enroll in electronic statements at no cost; otherwise you’ll pay $5 for each paper statement with images. Each month, 100 transactions are included for free; any transactions beyond that cost $0.50 each. Electronic debits and credits, however, are unlimited. Customers will love the complimentary use of Arvest’s Online Banking platform, which provides 24-hours of account access, a way to reorder checks, and a secure method to contact customer service.

Additional features include:

  • Overdraft protection of up to $400
  • Complimentary Arvest debit card
  • Free online bill pay

Cathay Bank Business Checking

When you compare business checking accounts, you’ll find Cathay Bank’s Business Checking ranks among the best. This bank allows customers to open an account with $200 and never charges a monthly maintenance fee. There are also no minimum balance requirements. Customers will have a limit of 150 checks paid at no cost with a charge of $0.25 per item afterward and a limit of 25 deposits for free with a charge of $1 per deposit beyond the limit.

Additional features include:

  • 24-hour telephone banking
  • Free business bill pay services
  • Business Online Banking Service

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Taking the time to examine the 20 best free business checking accounts is a great way to find the plan that works with the specific needs of your company or small business. You won’t have to worry about being charged any hidden fees and you can put the money you save from not having maintenance costs back in to your business.

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To determine the best free business checking accounts, GOBankingRates scored each checking account from most to least favorable for the following factors: (1) minimum deposit to open the checking account; (2) number of free transactions allowed per month; (3) 24/7 customer service availability; and (4) customer service live chat availability.

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