$750 Cash App Reward: Is It Real?

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Have you seen ads pop up on various apps, including Instagram, saying you can earn $750 through Cash App Rewards? It seems too good to be true.

The truth is, the $750 Cash App reward through the Flash Rewards app is not a scam. It is a legitimate program to earn extra money in your spare time. However, earning cash through Flash Rewards is not as easy as you might think it is. And you will probably have to spend some money to earn the cash back.

Read on for a breakdown of exactly how to earn $750 in gift cards for Shein, Amazon or other popular retailers, or even Visa gift cards or money deposited directly into your Cash App or PayPal account. Keep in mind that, although Flash Rewards earned a 4-star rating on TrustPilot, there may be easier and faster ways to earn money online.

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What Is Flash Rewards?

The Flash Rewards Web app allows you to earn its exclusive coins for completing certain activities and then trade in those coins for gift cards or cash back. It is owned by Vesey Studios, which also owns the Flash Rewards smartphone app. The smartphone app also offers gift cards in exchange for coins you earn, but instead of completing surveys, you play games on your phone. The app earned 3.9 stars in the Google Play store.

Vesey Studios clarifies that the Web Experience and mobile app are operated by the same team but “each version has separate and distinct program requirements.” It’s important to know that coins, offers, content and promotions are not cross-compatible across platforms. You can’t cash in coins earned on the app through the Flash Rewards Web Experience, and vice versa. And you can’t combine coins between the two programs to earn coins faster.

This article will focus on the Web Experience, which allows you to earn coins that you can convert to gift cards for completing various online tasks.

Is the $750 Flash Rewards Legitimate?

Yes, you can earn up to $750 from Flash Rewards. But it may not be easy, and you will need to spend some money to reach that level of earning.

How to Get Free Money Through Flash Rewards

When you first sign up for Flash Rewards, you’ll be prompted to answer three questions. These questions relate to whether you use Cash App, how often you shop and what you plan to do with your rewards money — specifically, whether you would keep it or gift it to a friend. The answers may be used to determine the surveys and deals you receive, but not your eligibility. So don’t think too hard about how you might answer.

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After you’ve signed up, you’ll complete various Deals. To earn $750, you’ll need to complete 20 Deals at various levels, including 10 Deals at Level 5. Potentially increase your earnings to $1,000 by completing 15 Deals at Level 5. Keep in mind, all your Deals must be completed within 60 days, so you won’t want to stall once you create an account with the Web app.

Finally, once you’ve completed Deals to claim your earnings, you will need to submit your photo ID and a selfie online. For some people, this is a drawback to the app, since they might be concerned about security. But with such high-value rewards at stake, it is understandable why Flash Rewards would require such steps.

Good To Know

Many of the higher level Deals require purchases or subscriptions. That is fine, if it is a service you would use anyway. But if you wouldn’t, you may want to consider other ways to earn cash back online or through your phone.

Reviews About Flash Rewards

The rewards on TrustPilot might make you wary of trying the Flash Rewards app.

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One reviewer claimed they completed 20 deals and seven were not credited to their account. They reached out and sent screenshots, but had no reply after five days. Another commented that they had received no reward days after completing five Deals. However, Flash Rewards was quick to respond to the negative reviews with suggested solutions.

Many other 5-star reviewers noted that they received rewards of $100, $250 and the promised $750 Cash App reward that is advertised on so many apps.

If you decide to use Flash Rewards, make sure to document that you completed all the Deals by taking screenshots. You may have to email customer support with proof you completed Deals in order to collect your money.

Also, make sure to keep track of any subscriptions you purchase so you can cancel if you decide you don’t want them. Don’t cancel before you’ve earned your rewards, though, or you might be disqualified.

How Can I Get Free Money on Cash App?

When you earn at least 10,000 coins through Flash Rewards, you can redeem those coins for cash through Cash App or PayPal, according to Flash Rewards’ FAQ page.

There are other ways to earn free money on Cash App, too. One of the easiest ways to earn money through Cash App is to sell used or new items through Facebook marketplace and request that buyers pay using Cash App.

You can also earn a referral bonus when you share your link for your friends to start using Cash App. You can also earn Cash App Boosts by entering sweepstakes and giveaways on the app. You can trade in these Boosts for cash through the app or discounts on future purchases using the app.

How Do You Get $750 from Cash App?

Cash App is not giving away $750, but Flash Rewards Web Experience gives people a chance to earn up to $750 in gift card rewards or Cash App or PayPal deposits by completing tasks online. These tasks include watching videos, taking surveys and also making specific purchases.

Better Ways To Earn Money Through Apps

Fortunately, even if you decide to steer clear of Flash Rewards, you can still earn money and gift cards online. Most of the apps spotlighted below do not require you to buy anything specific beyond what you would normally buy. For instance, if you are booking a trip, you can book through Expedia and earn cash back through Rakuten. But you don’t have to subscribe to a survey or download an app you don’t need or want just to earn free money.

Cash-Back Shopping Apps

Cash-back shopping apps like Rakuten and Ibotta let you earn money for shopping you would normally do anyway.

One of the leaders in cash-back shopping apps, Rakuten offers cash back, sometimes up to 30% or more, when you shop online or in stores. When you’re shopping online, you’ll want to download the browser extension. You’ll see a small purple button pop up whenever a website is partnered with Rakuten to pay cash back.

If you’re shopping in the stores, you can link specific debit or credit cards to the Rakuten app. Then, pay in stores that offer Rakuten rewards using that card.

You can also earn $40 by referring a friend to Rakuten. Money is deposited quarterly into your PayPal account, or you can choose to receive gift cards from top retailers, instead. You’ll need at least $5 in rewards to earn what Rakuten calls your “Big Fat Check.”

Ibotta is another highly reputable cash-back app that you can use while shopping in stores and online. If you are new to the app, you might be able to receive $15 when you spend $50 at participating retailers during the holiday season.

With Ibotta, you’ll need to activate offers before you shop. You can also download the Ibotta web browser to claim offers when you visit your favorite e-commerce websites. Ibotta allows you to withdraw cash directly into your back account, as long as it is linked to your Ibotta account.

You can earn $10 when you refer friends to Ibotta.

Online Survey Sites

Many people take online surveys to make money. There are many websites that allow you to take surveys online, but not many that are worth your time. Survey Junkie allows you to earn up to $45 per survey, if you qualify. You can cash out when you earn as little as $5. The app is honest and realistic about earnings. If you complete 3 surveys per day, you have the potential to earn $40 per month.

Swagbucks is another app that allows you to earn money when you take surveys. You can also earn Swagbucks, which can be converted to gift cards or cash deposited in your PayPal account, when you shop online.

Final Note

The $750 Cash App reward isn’t a scam. But it’s not the easiest way to earn money online, either. Consider more reputable apps like Rakuten, which are also easier to use. If you want to earn money through Cash App, consider referring friends using your Cash App referral code. You will both receive bonus cash after your friend links a debit card and sends $5 to someone within two weeks.

Information is accurate as of Dec. 1, 2022, and is subject to change.

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