10 Best Crypto Research Tools You Must Have as an Investor

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Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, with over 4,000 cryptocurrencies launched since 2013. This has sparked the interest of beginner investors to join the industry. Being the most popular investment today, it’s tempting to jump into the crypto world without sufficient knowledge due to the fear of missing out.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a risky venture if you have no idea how to research and analyze cryptos. But, with the right crypto research tools, you can gather the information you need for nearly all cryptocurrencies and make an informed investment decision.

Must-Have Crypto Research Tools for Beginner Investors

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been a crypto investor for years, crypto research tools can help you stay ahead of the game. Here are 10 of the best research tools that you can use to refine your research before investing in cryptocurrency.

1. Messari

Messari is a crypto data aggregator with loads of helpful tools to analyze charts, allowing you to make better trading decisions. It has a Messari screener that you can use to sort coin information through various customized filters. You can view all the coin metrics in one window with the screener — from price, liquid market cap, coin categories, trading volume to sector.

Building Wealth

You can scout hidden gems to add to your portfolio using Messari’s customizable features. If you want to analyze coins in a certain sector, for example, you can quickly screen out coins, streamlining the process.

The best part is that you can use Messari for free. But, if you want to get the most out of this crypto research tool, you can upgrade to Messari pro for as little as $25 per month.

2. Glassnode

Glassnode is an on-chain data and intelligence platform that offers plenty of metrics and insights. You can use Glassnode to unchain market indicators for any coin. The platform also provides data to help you analyze the exchange inflow and exchange outflow for different coins.

You can find out what’s happening in the crypto market by viewing the number of new and active addresses. Glassnode offers free access to the platform. For a more advanced version, you’ll need to go premium.

3. LunarCrush

LunarCrush is the most reliable social media provider in the crypto community. Social trends can have a significant impact on crypto prices. But keeping up with all the social media inside and outside the crypto ecosystem is nearly impossible — which is why LunarCrush will do it for you.

The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather information about different cryptocurrencies on social media. LunarCrush, then, reports statistical data from all social media outlets, including Reddit and others from Google search volume, news activity, link popularity and a whole lot more.

You can use this information to make confident, data-driven trading decisions. Even better, LunarCrush has a free plan, so you can get the most out of the platform’s most important functions.

4. Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is a provider of crypto financial intelligence, market data, index, network data and other analysis tools to help you make informed crypto decisions. The platform lets you access over 100 assets and 300+ metrics so that you can analyze almost all charts and identify market trends.

Once you’ve completed adding metrics to your chart, you can download it in different extensions.

5. Santiment

Santiment is another crypto research tool that deserves a close look. Like Glassnode, Santiment provides on-chain and social media data on 1,500+ cryptocurrencies, helping you predict the price movement of any crypto.

Building Wealth

The platform also offers fundamental insights and behavioral reports, so you can stay ahead of imminent developments. What’s more, you can set up alerts on Santiment to get updates whenever a coin you’re watching gets a surge in social volume.

6. CoinGecko

You’ve probably heard of Coinmarketcap, but you may not be familiar with CoinGecko. CoinGecko is one of the largest data aggregators that tracks cryptocurrency prices by market cap. You can view live price changes for more than 7,800 coins and over 450 exchanges.

Apart from tracking and measuring coins and tokens by market cap and exchanges by trading volume, the platform provides an in-depth analysis of the crypto market. CoinGecko also provides community stats for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more.

There are many other useful features you can capitalize on to get a broad overview of a particular cryptocurrency with CoinGecko.

7. CoinMarketCal

The crypto industry is a buzzing economy, bringing about tons of market events that might affect price movements. This makes it impossible to keep tabs on events from the crypto world if you don’t use crypto research tools like CoinMarketCal.

CoinMarketCal is a cryptocurrency calendar that updates you about all upcoming events on different coins. The platform incorporates evidence-based and community-driven frameworks, letting people add crypto events, which later undergo verification. Real events get upvotes, while those that seem fake get downvotes.

If you’re interested in certain events that you think will likely impact a specific crypto price, for example, simply search the coin on the platform. With a few clicks, you’ll see all the listed events for the selected period.

8. Coin Dance

Coin Dance is a heavy-data crypto research tool you may want to check out. The platform tracks all sorts of metrics, including harsh rates, network nodes, fees, block sizes and mining breakdowns. You can also sort data by country to see how crypto adoption is going globally.

With Coin Dance, you can also see other top-level stats, covering blockchain, price history, search volume, market capitalizations, demographics and more. The platform is community-driven, meaning users can vote the validity of the information provided by the community.

9. CryptoMiso

Investing in cryptocurrencies without checking the development of a particular coin is probably a bad idea — you could be investing in a dead project. Since cryptocurrencies are software protocols, they can eventually die if not developed, maintained and improved.

Therefore, keeping tabs on the development of particular crypto projects is vital. It’s pretty easy to track them on Github, but you can’t track all the cryptocurrencies one by one; that’s why you need a crypto research tool like CryptoMiso.

CryptoMiso is a research tool that ranks cryptocurrencies based on activity on Github. You can check the number of commits an individual crypto project has done within a certain period based on the most popular repository. For example, as of this writing, Bitcoin ranked the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency in developing its platform.

10. Skew

If you’re interested in cryptos and derivatives, SkewAnalytics might be a perfect fit. It’s a data analytics tool that combines information from top derivative exchanges like Bybit, OKEx, Binance and FTX on a single screen. The platform has a ton of interesting data that you can get value from.


Crypto research tools are important for any investor. Before putting your money into a particular cryptocurrency project, familiarize yourself with one or two tools. These tools will give you an insight into the price movements for any crypto project.

Good To Know

Using crypto research tools doesn’t guarantee profits. Instead, they are meant to help you make informed investing decisions.

While using any of these tools for the first time can be overwhelming, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make the most informed investment decisions you can.

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