Self-Taught Crypto Gurus Cash in on TikTok – Can You Trust Them?

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“FinTok,” or the segment of Chinese social media app TikTok that focuses on personal finance, has been on the rise since before the pandemic. Filled with self-proclaimed finance experts – with varying degrees of knowledge and credentials – TikTok has emerged as a place for younger generations to learn about investing, particularly in crypto and meme stocks. But can you trust the advice?

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The social media platform is warning people against following the investment advice of self-taught content creators on FinTok. Financial Times reported today that TikTok has even gone so far as to ban the promotion of cryptocurrency and other investments.

According to the app’s branded content policy, the “promotion of all financial services and products is now globally prohibited,” FT reported.

The policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Financial management
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Foreign exchanges
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Investment services

The policy seems to primarily cover branded content, which would include creators who share affiliate links to get followers to sign up for a trading platform and get free stocks or crypto as a signing bonus. Many of these so-called experts are making more money from affiliate links than from their investments, and their advice might be questionable, at best.

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Legitimate financial service companies, however, may also get swept up in the policy, according to FT. It’s a double-edged sword as TikTok provides an accessible way for younger generations and new investors to learn about stocks and crypto. But many users get finagled into high-risk investments with little chance of rewards when they take advice from creators with no professional investment experience or credentials.

Bottom line: If you’re seeking to invest, or even choose an investment platform, speak to a financial advisor who can help you put together a diversified portfolio that matches your risk tolerance.

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