Check Out These 3 Cheap Alternatives to Big-Name Stocks

Instead of expensive stocks, see these affordable alternates.

Price isn’t always the biggest factor when it comes to buying stock — market sentiments play a heavy role in the way the stock market looks day in and day out. Next time you look to buy an overhyped stock, check out these alternatives.

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No. 1: PepsiCo

Instead of paying a premium for Coca-Cola stock, allow your investment portfolio to “Join the Pepsi Generation.” The brand is much more than just its bubbly namesake, too — PepsiCo is a snack food powerhouse, owning brands like Doritos, Gatorade and Quaker Foods.

PepsiCo snagged over $4.9 billion in profits on $63.5 billion in revenue last year — and even has a market cap of $151.95 billion. Even the “Oracle of Omaha” gave it his seal of approval; Warren Buffett has invested with Pepsi before.

No. 2: Yelp

If you’re looking to invest in the social media game, your mind might automatically gravitate to the grand-daddy of social networking: Facebook. Instead, put your money where your mouth is.

Invest in restaurant review site Yelp and you might benefit. Yelp’s P/S of 4.01 is less than half of Facebook’s, which makes it great for stock-market beginners.

No. 3: Zynga

Instead of throwing your money into video game behemoth EA, look no further than the creator of some of the most addictive games around. Zynga eschewed traditional video game platforms and took their wares to phones and tablets with hits like “Words With Friends,” “Farmville” and “Mafia Wars.”

Even though EA is the more stable and markedly successful of the two — hauling in $4.8 billion in revenue in 2017 to Zynga’s $861.4 million — Zynga might be a better overall deal with a P/S of 3.58.

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