Why I Think Hiring Moms Is the Key to a Successful Business

Moms make everything better — including the workplace.

When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, we’ve come a long way from when my mom’s generation started their careers. The reality remains that more women than men take time away from their careers to care for children. That hiatus widens the pay gap and affects a woman’s lifetime earning potential.

Considering that by the age of 44, 85 percent of American women have had at least one child, it needs to become normal for women to have kids and keep working, or have kids and take a few years off, while not derailing the careers they’ve worked so hard to build.

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So, yes, hire moms because raising kids has honed their multitasking and time management skills. Hire moms because of their ability to empathize with colleagues and clients. More importantly, hire moms and make your workplace mom-friendly. That means flexible hours and paid time off, telecommuting, comfortable private rooms for pumping, generous family leave and other benefits that make it possible for moms to work and tend to their families.

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Here’s the thing with company perks that benefit moms: They don’t actually just benefit moms. One hundred percent of your staff benefits from the flexibility that working moms are begging for. Show your employees that you support them caring for elderly relatives, taking time to be active in their communities or even dealing with a home repair while remotely attending a meeting.

When I started my business, something I built into the culture was the ability for my team to work and still make time for family. It has allowed us to support each other while we’ve dealt with family illness, maternity leave, taking time off to move and other big life stuff.

If your company isn’t mom-friendly, it’s not friendly to any of your employees. If you give your staff the freedom to care for their families, in return you’ll get their focus, their hard work and their loyalty. You should strive to hire and retain working moms. If they’re not happy, I promise that the many of your other employees are feeling the same way.

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