5 Ways to Be a Leader at Work, No Matter What Your Position

Use these tips to climb the career ladder.

Even if you’re not at a manager or boss level, having and exhibiting leadership skills now is a good way to get that promotion — and to be prepared to handle those positions when you do. GOBankingRates spoke with executives, entrepreneurs and leadership experts to get their best advice on how to be a good leader, no matter what your current job title may be.

Keep reading to find out the best ways to successfully climb the career ladder.

Be a Leader, Not a Boss

Leaders have a clear mission they care about and stay true to it.

Hone Your Storytelling Skills

Effective stories help build rapport and trust, and also teach others how to be good leaders.

Excel at Your Job Responsibilities

One way to set yourself apart as a leader is to excel at your current work responsibilities and always challenge yourself to do more.

Be Open to Learning New Things

Developing new skills can improve your performance in your current position, and also make it easier for you to rise through the ranks.

Be an Idea Person

You should also be willing to collaborate with co-workers to share ideas, when appropriate.

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