How I Turned a Hobby Into a Side Hustle

This mom left her 9-to-5 behind for a successful side hustle.

A few years ago, while in the hazy fog that accompanied being the mother of a newborn and a toddler, I decided to start a blog. At that time, I was just looking for a way to stay connected with family and friends and to create a community of like-minded women, as well as give myself a hobby that didn’t involve changing diapers and running after a toddler. I had always been a sucker for social media and had acquired a decent audience by that time, so starting a blog seemed like the natural next step. 

After a month or so of consistent writing, I was contacted by a brand interested in working together and asking for my rates.

“Rates?” I thought.

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The Aha Moment

That’s when a lightbulb went off. I realized that I could actually get paid to create content for brands and share it with my audience. Immediately, I sprang into action and researched everything I could about blogging and different revenue sources I could pursue, and implemented new strategies and goals. It didn’t take long for the idea to take hold that my side hobby could become a viable source of side income and, in turn, release me from having to return to my job after my maternity leave was over.

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Turning my hobby of blogging into a side hustle was one of the best things that could happen to my family. Gone were the worries of finding and paying insane amounts for childcare for two young children. I could now spend my days with my kids as I had the freedom of flexibility in my schedule. I also no longer had to worry about continuously buying new uniforms for work or making the daily commute, which saved time, money and lots of frustration. The best part, however, was that I was able to take my passions, write and share them with my readers, and make it into a career.

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The Drawbacks

While working from home has a lot of perks, it’s not all roses and sparkles. Maintaining a blog and working from home has challenges that have to be considered. Though I love that I can choose and curate which types of posts and partnerships I work on, income from blogging can be very inconsistent. Some months, I can easily surpass the income from my prior full-time job, while other months can be dismal regarding compensation. This cycle can be frustrating and make it difficult when it comes to budgeting (which means that saving and planning is key). Additionally, taking the step into blogging full-time meant that I left a job in which I had a retirement plan, as well as medical insurance.

Aside from monetary concerns, there are issues of time management and pretty much always being “on” when it comes to work, as social media never stops. Blogging requires me to be a jack-of-all-trades, meaning that aside from writing, I also have to be proficient at photography, accounting, marketing, editing, etc.–or delegate those tasks to another person.

Final Thoughts

Despite these issues, I’d still choose to blog and having my own business over working a typical 9-to-5 corporate job. Today, I’ve managed to turn my hobby into a successful side hustle. While blogging is a constant learning journey, I’m crossing my fingers that I can continue this journey and see where it leads.

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