McDonald’s Launches ‘Thank You Crew’ Employee Reward Program

Bangkok, Thailand- April, 03, 2021 : Female staff at McDonald's deliver food to customers through the door of the car at the pick up point in Bangkok, Thailand.
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McDonald’s has initiated a locally and nationally funded “Thank You Crew” program that rewards employees for extraordinary efforts and for going above and beyond their job requirements.

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Based on customer compliments of crew members’ performance, local franchisees will recognize employees with a personalized thank you that could be anything from a MacBook or an iPhone, flowers, tickets to sporting events or concerts.

The idea started after a December 2021 incident in which 15-year-old Sydney Raley, an employee working at a McDonald’s franchise in the Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prairie, jumped through the drive-thru window where she was working and saved a choking woman’s life by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Raley received a ton of press and $100 from the Edina Police Department’s fund for those who do good deeds in the community. She was also gifted a well-deserved Apple MacBook from the McDonald’s Corporation for her quick-thinking feat of heroism.

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“So many of our customers have shared special moments with our crew — from celebrating important milestones in their lives to helping them get through the day with that special treat,” said Tiffanie Boyd, McDonald’s USA’s Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer. “Our franchisees are thanking their restaurant crew in unique, meaningful ways for all this and more. This program was inspired by them, and I can’t wait to celebrate even more outstanding crew as new thank-you’s start rolling in.”

To kick off the campaign, music superstar and former McDonald’s crew member Lil Yachty surprised a McDonald’s employee in his hometown of Atlanta, shared a McChicken and fries with employees and gave appreciation to the dedicated crew.

“I learned a lot working at McDonald’s before my music career took off, and this visit brought those memories right back,” said the rapper. “I give huge credit to all the McDonald’s crew showing up and working hard every single day. They deserve big things, real celebrations, and I’m here for that.”

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For more “Thank You Crew” real-life stories or to nominate a favorite McDonald’s crew member, visit the dedicated site here.

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