10 Ways To Use ChatGPT for Your Job Search

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Some might worry that ChatGPT will take away potential job opportunities in the future since it can complete tasks previously requiring human skill and creativity. But the reality is ChatGPT can actually help you find a job today. Keep reading to learn how it can help you on your job hunt.

10 Ways To Use ChatGPT for Your Job Search

While there are many ways to use ChatGPT for your job search, there are some drawbacks. Since the program only contains data from 2021 and prior, it can’t comb job listings to find the best open positions for you. You’ll still need to review platforms for job seekers like Indeed and Monster or social networks like LinkedIn.

Speaking of social networking, OpenAI also can’t make person-to-person connections for you. It can’t attend local networking meetings or send connection requests on LinkedIn. But it can offer suggestions on how to dress at a job fair and empower you by helping you craft your elevator speech — a two-minute description of what you do and how you can help potential employers.

Here are 10 of the best ways you can use ChatGPT for your job search.

1. Write Your Cover Letter

Many job seekers today use ChatGPT to write their cover letters. A process that might take hours is now reduced to minutes. Keep in mind that you will want to review and edit your cover letter once ChatGPT provides the rough draft.

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The more accurate and detailed prompts you provide to ChatGPT, the better your letter will be. To get the best results, share the job description you are responding to with ChatGPT. Make sure you include some of your credentials and what makes you uniquely qualified for the job.

Since you should include a customized cover letter for each job you apply for, using ChatGPT to help can save you hours in your job search.

2. Write Your Resume

Similarly, you can have ChatGPT help write or revamp your resume. While ChatGPT’s first output is not likely to be perfect, it can help you get over that fear of the blank page, organize your thoughts and give you an outline to work with.

3. Write or Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re searching for a job, prospective employers are likely to check out your LinkedIn profile. You’ll want it to be in tip-top shape. You can use ChatGPT to help with this, especially after it’s helped craft your resume.

As a starting prompt, enter relevant sections of your resume and any other information you want ChatGPT to include. According to LinkedIn Pulse, Tomas Ondrejka, co-founder of Kickresume, suggests asking ChatGPT for four versions of your profile so you have choices and can even copy and paste to combine the best elements of all four profiles.

If you are new to the workforce, Ondrejka suggests asking ChatGPT what elements you should include in your LinkedIn profile.

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4. Suggest Jobs That Align With Your Resume

Once you have a completed resume, you can plug it into ChatGPT and ask for recommendations on jobs that might be a fit. ChatGPT is good at finding patterns in your competencies and transferable skills to get you to think outside the box regarding roles that may be a good fit.

Job search and resume writer, Ruth Sternberg told Forbes, “When you feed it your resume, you can ask to see jobs that seem to align with it. ChatGPT can give you a list of what’s important for a particular role, based on descriptions and other developed material, so you can compare your own job history to see if you match up.”

5. Analyze Your Transferable Skills To Change Careers

If you’re looking to alter your career path or change industries, ChatGPT can help there, as well. “It can help job seekers identify alternative job titles in a new industry. It can even help them make a career shift to something totally different,” Job search strategist Hannah Morgan told Forbes.

6. Prepare for Salary Negotiations

ChatGPT can offer tips to help you prepare for salary negotiation. Based on your resume, it can share the best ways to ask for more money. It can also share reasonable salary expectations if you plug in the exact job, your city, your qualifications and other details about the position.  

7. Suggest Common Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Drawing on its vast database of knowledge, ChatGPT can also suggest questions you might expect to hear during an interview.

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8. Help You Craft Answers to Interview Questions

Preparation is the key to getting rid of pre-interview jitters. ChatGPT can use your resume, cover letter and other information you provide to help you create — and practice — answers to interview questions you may expect to hear. It can even offer general case studies or examples of success stories. These might spark ideas regarding your own career successes you can share during an interview.

9. Research Companies

You can use ChatGPT to research specific companies or even to find out what companies may be hiring in your industry or field. ChatGPT may present possibilities you hadn’t considered.

10. Become an Expert Networker

It might seem strange to rely on an AI to provide advice on something as personal and human as creating networking connections. But rather than reading hundreds of articles about the best way to network in person or through social media, you can use ChatGPT for conversational answers and advice to help you improve your networking skills.

ChatGPT can make suggestions for how to dress at in-person networking events, help you build your brand on LinkedIn and even offer ways to approach people you’d like to connect with — on LinkedIn and in person. Because ChatGPT answers the questions you ask, you won’t have to sift through pages of irrelevant information to find the tips and advice you need.

Bottom Line

You can use OpenAI’s ChatGPT for your job search and help with content creation for job applications, resumes, cover letters and more. Keep in mind, the AI is not always accurate and sometimes extrapolates incorrect information.

Review all materials for accuracy and make sure to edit your LinkedIn profile, cover letters and other materials so they are in your voice, and don’t sound like they were written by AI.

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about  using ChatGPT for your job search.

  • Can I use ChatGPT for job applications?
    • ChatGPT cannot fill out a job application because the program only offers text-based responses. It cannot fill out a form or PDF. However, it can suggest responses and proofread your answers.
  • How do I use ChatGPT in my job search?
    • If you ask, ChatGPT will give you an idea of the type of jobs that are available in your region. It can also check top job search sites like Indeed or Monster for remote work. But the listings may not be up to date and are only indicative of the type of jobs you'll find on these sites.
    • However, you can ask ChatGPT for suggestions on what keywords and parameters to include in your search so you can search more efficiently.
  • Can a chatbot help me find a job?
    • Yes, ChatGPT can help you find a job. Here are a few ways to use the program for your benefit:
      • Write your cover letter
      • Write your resume
      • Write or revamp your LinkedIn profile
      • Suggest jobs that align with your resume
      • Analyze your transferable skills to change careers
      • Suggest common interview questions you should prepare for
      • Help you craft answers to interview questions
      • Research companies
      • Prepare for salary negotiations
      • Become an expert networker
  • How do I ask ChatGPT for career advice?
    • When you're seeking advice or information from ChatGPT, you will get the best results by asking specific, detailed and pointed questions. The better your prompts, the better the results you will receive.

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