9 Best Side Gigs for People Living on the West Coast

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Getting a side gig is a great way to supplement your income and expand your skill set. The West Coast is full of jobs that you can do part time and still put away a significant chunk of change. You’ll need it, too, since living on the coast isn’t cheap.

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Here are a few side hustles you can pick up that will help you live larger.

Background Actor

In Los Angeles and even other cities along the coast, you can make some cash being an extra in TVs and movies. Look on sites like Central Casting and FilmLocal for upcoming opportunities. Most of the time, you’ll need to submit a headshot and fill out some employment paperwork beforehand.

Though the work isn’t always dependable, when a job does come your way, you do get to experience a little bit of the Hollywood life while raking in the dough. 

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Delivery Driver

There are lots of sites that are always looking for delivery drivers. Gopuff is a service that operates on the West Coast and enables users to get goods delivered from convenience stores. As a driver, you earn a commission per order and get to keep all tips. You’ll also make a guaranteed hourly minimum. You get to make your own schedule, so you can work as little or as much as you want.

Other sites like Instacart and DoorDash operate similarly, so you can choose whichever app works best for you or combine multiple apps for maximum income. 

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To become a notary, you’ll need to take a course, pass an exam and clear a background check. It’s worth looking into on the West Coast — specifically California.

California is the highest-paying state for notaries. People who notarize documents full time make $59,055 a year on average in the Golden State. That’s a big jump, considering nationwide the salary average is $45,000. Even if you’re a part-time notary as a side hustle, you can use sites like Thumbtack to advertise your services and still bank on some extra cash coming in.

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Rental Car Driver Partner

Kyte, a Seattle-based company, pays you to deliver and pick up rental cars in downtown Seattle. You don’t have to have a car to work. In fact, the company encourages you to use alternative transportation between pickups. In addition to an hourly wage, you’ll also receive tips. Work can be full time or part time depending on your needs.

Tour Guide

Tourists flock to many cities on the West Coast, which means there are plenty of tours to lead. Guides typically lead tours that are about two hours long, while telling stories about the sights and entertaining guests. Not only will you get to keep your tips, but many tour guide companies offer cash bonuses if you get a certain amount of five-star reviews. 

Wedding Photographer or Videographer

With so many beautiful venues on the West Coast, many couples visit to tie the knot. If you have a passion for photography or film, a great way to make money on weekends is to lend out your services. Even one of these events every month can really make a difference in your monthly income. 

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You can make big money driving people around during special events. For example, California wineries are always hiring chauffeurs to drive guests around on wine tours. Many larger cities on the West Coast are also party destinations, so there are plenty of opportunities to chauffeur partiers around the city as well. You get tips, and get a taste of the party atmosphere, too. 

Pet Sitter

If you like animals, look into becoming a dog walker or pet sitter. People on the West Coast love their fur babies, so there is no shortage of animals to look after. You can check out apps like Wag, or sites like Rover and TrustedHouseSitters.com to find gigs that fit your needs. 

Beach Attendant

Being on the coast means you’re close to the beach! That works to your advantage when you’re looking for a way to spend more time by the waves and make some extra money.

Many beach attendants work in conjunction with nearby resorts to give guests a full-on beach experience. For example, in cities like Huntington Beach, California, your job as a beach attendant entails organizing activities like beach volleyball for hotel guests. 

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Make Your Money Work Better for You

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