Gopuff Drivers: How Much Do They Make and Is It Worth It?

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The demand for quick and reliable delivery services has increased exponentially in the past two years. Companies like Gopuff have made it possible for the consumer to effortlessly get groceries, food, and all sorts of essential products without leaving home. They have also provided a source of income for thousands of people and given dozens of local businesses a chance to keep on thriving despite the challenges many are currently facing.

Becoming a Gopuff driver might be worth considering for those looking for a side gig or a full-time job as a delivery partner. If you’re still on the fence, here’s all there is to know about the company before taking the plunge. 

What Exactly Is Gopuff?

You’re probably familiar with at least one of the numerous delivery service companies available in the market. One of the most popular ones in the US is Gopuff. Founded in 2013 by Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the company began as an in-campus delivery service at Drexel University. Its goal was to save students some time, helping them stock their college dorms with snacks and essentials. 

Gopuff has come a long way since then, and today it’s become many people’s go-to 24/7 online convenience store. The service now has over 500 micro-fulfillment centers and thousands of employees. Gopuff delivers food and drinks, cleaning supplies, home needs, OTC medication and much more in mere minutes to customers in more than 1,000 cities across the country. 

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How Does Gopuff Work?

Unlike other similar companies, Gopuff is not a courier. As mentioned above, the company has its own strategically-located fulfillment centers that store about 3,000 products. This differentiator makes any Gopuff driver able to complete orders at all times of the day within a few minutes and without the insane surge pricing of courier services.

The company charges a flat rate of $1.95 for orders containing only regular items and an additional $2 for those that include alcohol. Additionally, for $5.95 a month, it offers a membership service called Gopuff Fam that offers customers some extra perks and free delivery. All orders made with Gopuff must be at least $10.95.

What Do Gopuff Drivers Do?

The job of a Gopuff driver is simple. All they need to do is keep an eye open for incoming orders, pick up the requested items at their local Gopuff warehouse, and deliver them in a timely manner. 

To make things easier for all delivery partners, Gopuff sets them up with the goDrive app. This handy tool is compatible with Android and iPhone and connects drivers with customers. It easily allows them to:

  • Receive and deliver orders.
  • Manage their weekly schedule.
  • Keep track of their earnings.
  • Request support.

As mentioned earlier, there are no restaurants or stores involved when working with Gopuff. All orders are picked up from a local micro-fulfillment center and delivered straight to the customer. This allows Gopuff drivers to complete their work more efficiently and without complications. 

How To Become a Gopuff Driver

As per Gopuff’s services agreement, all drivers work as independent contractors and represent themselves as such. They’re responsible for maintaining adequate insurance and a valid and active driver’s license.

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To become a Gopuff driver, all applicants must:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a valid US driver’s license.
  • Own a suitable vehicle.
  • Have insurance in their name.
  • Own a smartphone with its operating system up-to-date.
  • Be willing and able to pass a pre-paid alcohol delivery training course. 
  • Pass a Motor Vehicle Record and criminal background check.

Application Process

Those who meet the eligibility requirements can go ahead and apply for a Gopuff driver position. The process is simple. All applicants need to do is:

  •  Visit the Gopuff site.
  • Look for the “Become a Driving Partner” option.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Wait for Gopuff to reach out.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Gopuff Driver

Becoming a Gopuff driver is an easy and flexible way to make money. However, like with any other job, it has both perks and limitations. Here are some of the most relevant advantages and disadvantages of working as a delivery partner with Gopuff.

Pros Cons
No third parties are involved in the delivery process. It can take a while to hear back if Gopuff is not currently looking for new drivers in the applicant’s area.
Drivers can pick their own hours. Delivery blocks can get saturated.
Drivers keep 100% of their tips. Access can get restricted when the driver fails to show up for their scheduled delivery blocks. 
The minimum rate is guaranteed. Drivers are responsible for checking for the customer’s ID for all alcohol deliveries. 
Pick-up locations are convenient.  
Fulfillment centers offer parking.  

Good To Know

Gopuff drivers that pre-schedule their delivery blocks rather than working on demand can calculate their minimum earnings guarantee based on their hours worked and their micro-fulfillment center’s commissions. 

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How Much Do Gopuff Drivers Make?

As mentioned before, Gopuff drivers can pick their own hours, meaning they decide how much money they make at the end of the day. The goDrive app allows them to either reserve delivery blocks or to work on demand. Each order results in a flat fee or commission the driver is entitled to keep entirely. The amount varies depending on the micro-fulfillment center, but it typically ranges from $2.25 to $5 per order, even if the order ends up getting canceled.

Customers have the option to add a tip before or after they receive their items. All delivery partners can keep 100% of these tips — no exceptions. Additionally, some micro-fulfillment centers offer weekly rewards for drivers that complete a certain number of deliveries. These rewards are subject to change each week depending on the market conditions. Gopuff also offers drivers earning boosts, which are communicated via text message and in-app at busy times. 

Calculating Weekly Earnings with Gopuff

Weekly earnings for Gopuff drivers begin and end every Monday at 5 a.m. local time. The amount earned includes:

  • Commissions
  • Tips
  • Rewards
  • Boosts
  • Special Bonuses

Gopuff pays via direct deposit every Friday. 

Is It Worth Driving For Gopuff?

While working as a delivery partner may not be for everybody, it’s definitely worth a shot for those who prioritize flexibility when looking for a job. Becoming a Gopuff driver gives people the opportunity to pick their own schedule and decide more or less how much they want to make each week. It’s ideal for those looking for a side gig to supplement their income. 

How Much Do They Make

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