Can My Spouse Access My Savings Account Without Permission?

can my spouse access my bank accountQ: My wife and I have joint checking and savings accounts, but I also have my own personal savings account at a different bank. Since we’re married, can my spouse access my bank account without my permission?

A: It’s not uncommon for people to have their own bank accounts that their spouses might or might not know about. However, whether or not you’re committing financial infidelity, know that your spouse cannot access your money if it’s not in a joint bank account.

If you have a personal savings account and are the only name on the account, legally, your spouse cannot access your savings account without your permission. Only the person authorized to sign on the account is allowed access to the funds on deposit. If your spouse tries to access the account, the bank should notify you.

If you have your money stored in a joint savings account with your spouse, then it is technically their account, too. Thus, they are legally allowed access to make deposits and withdrawals from the account without the bank having to notify you of the transaction.

Keep in mind, if you were to divorce, you would have to disclose any personal accounts you have. Depending on your particular situation, your spouse may be entitled to some or all of that money. Hopefully, though, that’s not a situation you’ll ever have to address.

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  • diana

    I just just found out the in 2007 when we were separated my husband used my IRA to trade on the stock market and lost it all. It was only in my name. He used it on line so I did not receive anything in the male

    • Homer

      It’s good you didn’t receive anything in the male. It doesn’t sound very sanitary.

  • Nick Grant

    Both my wife and I have access to each others online accounts so why dont we have a joint? well in the 40 years we have been married we have never needed one but now they are online we can both have access to deposit and extract as required. Not sure if its legal but what the hell do I care, how do they know if each of us has the passwords given each of us has the others permission

    May not be good for everyone but it works for us

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  • charles spen

    can my wife take money out of my personal account and vise versa if were still married but no longer together?

  • Deborah Baker

    My mother has stage 4 cancer my father trying to get info from her personal accounts can he do that with signed note or does it have to be notarized?

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