30 Mind-Blowing Financial Facts About Super Bowl XLIX

  • Vicky Vale

    That’s crazy that halftime performers aren’t paid, but considering the amount of publicity they’ll get… I guess it makes sense. Do they cover the costs of the performers and special effects?

  • Rocky

    HAha I love the 9,000 years vs. 51 minutes of commercials, how depressing.

  • Sniffy Machu

    Realistically the stadium would depreciate in value

  • Amit Ojha

    Interesting Facts. Loved it

  • Celine Foord

    I wonder what Phoenix will do with the $500 million? Hopefully they can put it toward making stable improvements for their economy.

  • Frugal Enthusiast

    9,000 dollar tickets, that’s unbelievable. FYI: GO PATS. Great read, thanks GOBankingRates!