Car Shopping Tips for Teenage Drivers

Statistically speaking, teenagers are some of the highest risk drivers out there. They have less experience on the road and actually partake in more risky driving behaviors than others on the road. Because of this, insurance companies tend to charge significantly more to insure teenage drivers but some of the costs can be controlled by the type of vehicle then end up owning and driving.

Safety Features

Although many parents want to spoil their offspring by buying them expensive and brand new vehicles for their 16th birthdays, many teenagers would just be happy to have a mode of transportation that is their own. When shopping for a car for your teenager, they should have the following:

  • Get decent mileage
  • Be new enough to have the most recent safety features
  • Be easy to operate and be affordable in price and maintenance

When it comes to spending extra money, do not waste the cash on stereo equipment and spinning rims. Extra money will be well spent into additional safety features. If you are going to buy a new vehicle for your teenager, it would be worth spending extra cash to get all the safety benefits that you can afford to purchase.

Small Steps for Teenagers

Teenagers are in the position of just learning to handle a car, so providing them with a vehicle that they can manage is the smartest choice. Until they prove they can handle the power of a four-cylinder vehicle, there is no need to get them the most powerful car out there. Remember that they had to learn to crawl before they could walk and the same type of idea should be applied to owning and operating a vehicle.

Make Your Money Work for You

Whether you are buying new or used, make sure to purchase a reliable vehicle. Teenagers often do not have the acumen needed for properly handling emergency situations. And finally, make sure you are saving on the auto loan rate over the life of your car loan.


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