How Much Would It Cost To Buy The Top Grammy-Nominated Albums Before Streaming?

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The 63rd Grammy Awards are on Sunday, March 14, and many can’t wait to see which top-nominated albums and artists rack up the most wins. No doubt, you have your favorites, and you feel pretty well-versed on them because streaming offers cheap and easy access to every song on a record.

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Of course, it hasn’t always been this way. Once upon a time, people actually had to go to a physical store and purchase music — in various formats, depending on the era.

The Recording Industry Association of America defines these eras as — Vinyl, 1958-1979; Cassette, 1979-1992; CD, 1992-2003; Digital, 2003-2011; and Streaming, 2011 to the present. More than just a different format, the various ways to listen to music over the years have impacted its price, with streaming the most cost-effective.

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Streaming is now the most prevalent way to listen to music, but many artists still offer a variety of purchase options. This makes it easy to gauge the price difference between formats, as they’re all displayed in one place.

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Here’s a look at the cost to purchase this year’s Grammy nominees for album of the year across several formats.

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‘Chilombo,’ Jhené Aiko

Inspired by Hawaii’s landscape and traditional music, “Chilombo” is Jhené Aiko’s third studio album. An exclusive “Chilombo” deluxe three-piece vinyl set is priced at $40, the CD costs $13.99 and the MP3 is $11.49.

‘Black Pumas’ (Deluxe Edition), Black Pumas

The deluxe edition of the group’s debut album features many upgrades, including three new songs, live in-studio recordings and a cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” It’s available on vinyl for $40, a CD costs $20, cassette tape for $15 and MP3 for $12.49.

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‘Everyday Life,’ Coldplay

Coldplay’s eighth studio album, “Everyday Life,” is a double album divided into two parts — “Sunrise” and “Sunset.” It costs $30 on vinyl, $19 on CD and $9.49 on MP3.

‘Djesse Vol. 3,’ Jacob Collier

His fourth studio album, Jacob Collier features plenty of guest artists on “Djesse Vol. 3,” including Kimbra, Tank and the Bangas and Jessie Reyez. The LP is priced at $29, the CD is $14 and the MP3 album is $9.49.

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‘Women in Music Pt. III,’ Haim

The group’s third album, the Haim sisters told “Women in Music Pt. III”  is their favorite record yet. It’s available on vinyl for $25.98, cassette for $15.98, CD for $11.98 and digital download for $12.99.

‘Future Nostalgia,’ Dua Lipa

Featuring a disco-pop vibe, “Future Nostalgia” is the second studio album from Dua Lipa. Buy it on vinyl for around $30, $13.95 on CD or an $11 digital download.

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‘Hollywood’s Bleeding,’ Post Malone

Singer-rapper Post Malone’s third studio album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” features a star-studded guest list including Halsey, Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott. It’s available on vinyl for $36, CD for $14 and MP3 for $12.49.

‘Folklore,’ Taylor Swift

Queen of pop Taylor Swift surprised fans with her eighth studio album, “Folklore,” in July 2020. The album costs $26 on vinyl, $11.99 on CD and $7.99 for a digital download.

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Last updated: March 12, 2021

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